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Mavis  Cann Publisher, Classifieds Manager
Mavis Cann
Contact Mavis Cann with your enquiries about advertising, promotions and partnerships. mavis.cann@revelstokereview.com 250-837-4667
Alex  Cooper Editor
Alex Cooper
(250) 837-4667
Alex Cooper has been a reporter for the Revelstoke Review since September 2009. He grew up in Montreal and lived in Toronto for almost 10 years before making the move west to pursue a career in journalism and lifestyle as a skier. He was promoted to editor of the paper in April 2014.
Office Manager
Fran Carlson
Contact Fran Carlson for subscriptions, circulation, billing enquiries and classifieds enquiries. email: fran.carlson@revelstokereview.com phone: 250-837-4667
Rob Stokes
(250) 837-4667
Contact Rob Stokes to view a proof of your print ad, to email graphics for your ad or follow up on your proof. email: rob.stokes@Revelstokereview.com phone: 250-837-4667
Tom  Fletcher Reporter, Columnist
Tom Fletcher
Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and BCLocalNews.com.