New Revelstoke Naturopathic Doctor Theresa Camozzi recently returned to her hometown to open Return to Grace at 414 Macenzie Avenue.

Club rebrands itself and new naturopath opens doors

Naturopathic Doctor Theresa Camozzi has opened Revelstoke’s first naturopathic clinic called Return to Grace.

New naturopathic doctor Theresa Camozzi opens new business

Naturopathic Doctor Theresa Camozzi has opened Revelstoke’s first naturopathic clinic called Return to Grace.

The Revelstoke native has returned to town after about 12 years away, split between school in Calgary and Toronto, where she studied biology, worked, and then studied at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto until she recently attained her degree.

Camozzi explains that naturopathic medicine mixes traditional medical models of health and illness with modern scientific knowledge to guide treatments that address the root causes of disease. “It’s about the belief that the body can heal itself,” she said.

Camozzi says naturopaths often work on issues like poor lifestyle choices that lead to health problems, then work with patients on a broad range of treatment options to address the issue. “I can’t cure every disease, but I can improve quality of life for just about everyone,” Camozzi says. Treatments can include a broad range of tools, including lifestyle change, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, introspection and referral to traditional doctors, amongst others.

The reception has been great so far. “People are really excited about it,” she said. “People want an option.” Treatments are usually partially covered by extended medical plans.

What’s the key message she’d like to get across to those looking to improve their health? “Your quality of life could be better.”

Return to Grace is located at 414 Mackenzie Ave.

Nightclub rebrands itself into social club

PHOTO: The newly-rebranded Traverse Social Club has dropped adult entertainment from the mix, moving towards a games room with a lounge feel. Above: House DJs Ray Ray and Wesside spin on a recent Friday night.

The Traverse nightclub located in the Regent Inn complex has undergone a rebranding and is now known by its new name, the Traverse Social Club. The biggest change, says hotel manager Brady Beruschi, is the club will no longer feature adult entertainment during the winter months – no more strippers. “It’s time for a change,” Beruschi said, confirming the change is permanent.

The club has transformed itself into a games room with a lounge feel. When I stopped by on a recent Friday night, house DJs Wesside and Ray Ray were spinning music for a mostly younger crowd. The club features video games on big screens, pool tables, and a few arcade-style games. The small venue has been operating for over a month since the changeover and is picking up steam under manager Jay Shoji. They’ve got a poker and pool night on Thursdays and a video night on Tuesdays hosted by Society Snow & Skate, and are looking to add more to their rotation.

“We aren’t what we were,” Beruschi said, encouraging everyone to come check it out. “The room has changed, the vibe has changed and the feeling has changed.”

The Traverse Social Club also regularly features visiting musical acts, usually DJs. Since the Outabounds club was foreclosed upon, Traverse is now Revelstoke’s main destination for DJ-focused dance music.

Traverse manager Jay Shoji.


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