The Rob Squad

Relay for Life – The Rob Squad

Revelstoke Relay For Life takes place this Sunday, June 12. Over the next few days, the Times Review will be posting stories from participating teams on why they are taking part in the Relay.

Contributed by the Rob Squad

The Rob Squad’s team members all have friends and family who have had to fight cancer. This event and its purpose is important to us. We want to celebrate those who have made it, remember those who did not and fight back against this disease – “ROB SQUAD FIGHTS BACK”.

Why are we “The Rob Squad”? The team is sponsored by Rob Silano and his business Class A Construction. Rob is relaying for his wife Lindy Silano, who was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia in 2004. Because of advances in cancer treatment, Lindy leads a normal life with a drug that was introduced in 2001. She did not have to have radiation or harsh chemotherapy and therefore Rob and Lindy are still able to have children and are expecting around Hallowe’en. They wish for better treatment and success rates for all forms of cancer.

The main reason Rob gets to be in our title is because Robs over-the-top way of doing things like this event is the same way we should all tackle battles!

1. Go Big! The people we are doing this for are worth it!

2. Try to involve a lot of people. We make a bigger impact and get better awareness together.

3. Have fun! Laughter is the best medicine and life is meant to be enjoyed.

4. Make a lot of noise! Better awareness that way.

5. Give it your all! Cancer doesn’t sleep and some can’t just walk away so we wont give up either.

6. Keep the energy going! Momentum is powerful.

7. Believe we can do it! Faith can take us farther than we could ever have imagined!

We look forward to big team spirit on Relay day. We are ready to be enthusiastic. The Rob Squad will be dressed up in camoflauge and ready to march. We have army chants and bull horns. We are selling stretcher rides around the track. We will have our shooting range. The Rob Squad is looking forward to the costumes and themes of the other teams. It is going to be a great day!