Exhibits take you from up close to outer space

Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre launches 2017 season with exhibits by Michelle Spragg, Claire Paradis and a member's show.

From left: John Barleycorn’s Revenge is one of the photos that make up Claire Paradis exhibit.; Jacqueline Pendergast’s Follow Me is part of the member’s show Inspired By.; Connection is one of the celestial paintings in Michelle Spragg’s exhibit. ~ Photos by Claire Paradis

Contributed by the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre

A new season starts at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre this Friday with the opening of three new exhibits, which will run from April 7–28.

The show is the first organized by the gallery’s new manager, Victoria Strange. She let us know about the three exhibits:

Member’s Show: Inspired By…

What inspires you? Is it a song, a poem, another Artist’s work? This exhibition reveals the many and varied inspirations artists have.

Michelle Spragg: Galaxia – Seeking Connection

Everyone and everything is connected. While some connections are obvious, others are more elusive. All are relative, depending how you choose to see them. Michelle Spragg is drawn to the mystery and intrigue in the unseen and newly-emerging, the beauty of nature, and the vastness of space. Technology serves to identify our seemingly insignificant place in an infinitely larger reality. Spragg’s artwork represents the belief that we are all significant, albeit tiny, components in this vast reality and that we are all connected.

Claire Paradis: My (Ut)opia

Utopia: a fictional place, not clear in definition, liminal, perfect, unreal, imaginary, ideal; a perfectly good place that doesn’t exist. Claire Paradis walked through most of her life in a fog of myopia. Her sight was -7.75 diopters away from focus before her surgery. But even after she was no longer constrained to glasses, her photographic instinct was still the extreme close up. For Paradis, being immersed in a flower’s explosion of colour, or curled up inside a leaf, is like being at home.

The exhibits open on Friday, April 7, from 6–9 p.m.