Pole whacking under the Stoke Chair during G.N.A.R. Day at Revelstoke Mountain Resort on Saturday.

Day of G.N.A.R. at RMR

Last Saturday was unofficial G.N.A.R. day at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. G.N.A.R, which stands for Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness is a game invented by Scott Gaffney and legendary extreme skier Shane McConkey, who passed away two years ago Saturday. The game was created in Squaw Valley as a way to make skiing even more fun by assigning points to various ridiculous stunts like skiing naked, calling your mother while skiing a challenging run, cooking breakfast in line in the morning, and whacking cornices with your pole. Earlier this year the movie G.N.A.R. was released, spreading the popularity of the game to ski resorts everywhere. While there was no official scoring going on Saturday at RMR, there was a fair amount of craziness. Check out the slideshow above for a few pictures.