The long awaited re-opening of the historic Windsor Hotel is on the horizon. After being closed for over a year

Historic Windsor Hotel set to re-open in June

  • Tue Apr 12th, 2011 11:00am
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Trout Lake Tracker, By Linda Wall

Trout Lake – Happy Spring!

Did we ever think we’d see the end of winter? It was a wild ride with a ton of snow right up ‘til the first day of spring! I’m glad to exchange the snow shovels for gardening gear and fishing rods!

Windsor Hotel to reopen

The long awaited re-opening of the historic Windsor Hotel is on the horizon. After being closed for over a year, new owner, Brian Prochnavy says he will be welcoming guests by June 16, 2011. Brian made the purchase on Jan. 21, 2011 in memory of his wife of 28 years, Wendy, who passed away from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) disease.

“My wife was a strong and courageous woman who had similar characteristics to Alice Jowett, owner of the hotel during the early 1900s.” Brian recalls. He has been fascinated with the history and amazing beauty of the area. “For me it is hard to imagine that heaven could be more beautiful than Trout Lake. This was Wendy’s favourite place to be and I want to welcome other travellers to enjoy a little piece of paradise while they stay at the Windsor Hotel.”

Brian is currently searching for a dedicated couple to manage the hotel operations on a day-to-day basis.

Trout Lake Snowfall 2011

The 2010/11 winter did not disappoint with a near average snowfall blanketing our area. Trout Lake registered over 25 feet of the accumulated white stuff that will linger well into June. Yearly snowfall records have been kept at Trout Lake since the 1970s.

Community Dock

Thanks go out to all the volunteers who kept the community dock shovelled this winter. Keith Thomas and Krys Barnwell were assisted by other local residents at helping out with the snow removal.

HMC Services Inc.

The Trout Lake Community Club would like to extend their thanks to HMC Services Inc. (Trout Lake Division) for their added efforts around the town site. During the winter months, supervisor Kent Simpson and his crew made sure there was easy access to the community hall and the dock area.

Cribbage Tournaments

The townspeople enjoyed evening cribbage tournaments throughout the winter. Mike Rankin stole the January event from Linda Wall while February’s get-together was an easy win for Fred Steiner with no challengers up to the task.

Volunteer Appreciation Social

The Trout Lake Community Club is organizing a Volunteer Appreciation Social that will take place in July. Over the years, generous volunteers have offered their time and efforts in supporting the club’s activities and making improvements to the community. This social will acknowledge these volunteers.

Trout Lake Cemetery

With a CSRD grant in hand, work will begin at the Trout Lake Cemetery to trim back the overgrown shrubs and move debris. When the school was open at Trout Lake, the students spent time during the summer months doing cleanup around the existing graves. Having not been maintained since the mid 1980s, the site has become unsafe which makes the project a considerable task.

Carrol Christiansen has contacted an engraver regarding a permanent monument to honour those buried in the cemetery and past pioneers of the community. The memorial will hopefully be in place sometime this summer.

After a great deal of research, Carrol Christiansen and Linda Wall have compiled a list of known cemetery burials. I would personally like to thank the societies, associations and individuals that have been extremely helpful to us during our research. We are, however, having a difficult time finding records to determine the layout of the graves. If anyone has family members laid to rest at the Trout Lake Cemetery, or has any relevant information, we would be extremely grateful. You can get in touch with Linda Wall at 250-369-2222.