Humour. Chivalrous – open a door now and then. Manners – a few men have lost theirs these days. ~ Amber Hutchings

Revelstoke’s Top Bloke: Do you have what it takes?

What is a bloke? Webster’s dictionary defines it as a man or fellow. For a slightly more nuanced definition we visited the site, which has the tagline ‘Defining Blokedom.’

According to the site, the term bloke has both positive and negative connotations. On the positive side, “Being a good bloke means he is trustworthy, loyal and reliable.” Even better is the term “top bloke” that, in addition to the above, means you “are also interested in typically male pursuits such as boozing, macho sports or ogling sheilas [women].”

When used negatively, it means one “is insensitive or is only interested in typically male pursuits such as boozing, macho sports or ogling sheilas.”

The Last Drop Pub is on the hunt for Revelstoke’s Top Bloke and is hosting a competition next week as part of Spirit Festival.

“We’re looking for talented guys from Revelstoke,” said Emma Kirkland, manager of the Last Drop.

Contestants will be expected to attend Spirit Fest events and schmooze with the guests. Then, there are two events they are required to attend.

First is Ladies Night Out at the Big Eddy Pub, where the blokes will judged based on how much they impress the ladies.

On Friday night the action shifts to the Last Drop for a buffet dinner and pageant. The men will have to wear a business suit, ski suit and perform a talent. A panel of discerning judges – both men and women – will rate them. The scores from the two nights will be combined to decide on the winner.

To help out the contestants, we asked a few ladies around town what they look for in Revelstoke’s Top Bloke.

View the slideshow above to see what they had to say.