The new beginner area at Revelstoke Mountain Resort is starting to take shape.

Families and children new focus for RMR this summer

Work is well underway on new beginner terrain and children’s facilities at Revelstoke Mountain Resort this summer.

Work is well underway on new beginner terrain and children’s facilities at Revelstoke Mountain Resort this summer.

Several people and heavy machinery have been hard at work at grading a 177 metre slope next to the base of the gondola that will feature a new magic carpet lift, low-angle terrain for new skiers and a tubing park.

The plan, said resort vice-president and chief operating officer Rod Kessler, is to creat a multi-level program for new skiers.

The first level will consist of lessons on the new beginner terrain. The second level will let them take the gondola to the mid-station and ski down from there. The third level will see skiers take the gondola to the top and ski down from there.

“The progression works a lot better with this concept and it allows us to broaden the age group and have a better oversight of younger skiers.”

The new beginner area is progressively graded so one side is steeper than the other.

During a tour of the area Monday morning, Dan Sculnick, the head of the Revelstoke Outdoor Centre, said the area is the best teaching area he has seen in 21 years in the industry.

The new area usurps plans announced last summer for a beginner lift at the top of the gondola. Kessler said the current development will be a much better move to help provide a niche for new skiers.

“The terrain at the top of the gondola is really good terrain,” he said. “Long-term I do see that lift as part of our future for sure but the idea of being able to service young adults and new skiers out of the base area, really it’s a keen idea. It’s a contained area, it’s not up and away. It’s near services, restrooms and food.”

Snowmaking equipment is going in to help create snow on the new terrain, which due to its low-elevation is impacted more by warm temperatures.

“The trails from the day lodge down, we’ve graded them away from the sun to minimize melting and the freeze thaw cycle that can make it difficult to make snow at lower elevations,” said Kessler.

Another change is that some of the slopes below the day lodge are being widened and re-graded to make them friendlier for beginners.

The base area will also see some significant changes in the form of the completion of the third building of the Nelsen Lodge complex. A new outdoor pool and hot tub will be open for hotel guests.

As well, keeping with the focus on youth, Kids ROC will open up, featuring a climbing wall, ball pit and other activities for children.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun to have a space for young skiers,” said Kessler.