Parks Canada works to clear the mud slide above the Trans-Canada Highway.

Mud slide causing delays along Trans-Canada in GNP

A mudslide near the east gate of Glacier National Park is causing limited periodic delays along the Trans-Canada Highway, Parks Canada reports.

The slide is a result of instabilities caused by the snow melt; this year mud combined with rock and trees began to flow on May 21.

So far, only limited delays of up to 20 minutes on the Trans-Canada Highway have been caused by the slide.

Parks Canada spokesperson Tania Peters said in an e-mail that a catchment basin built in 2009 is proving effective. Parks crew are working around the clock using back hoes and front loaders to clear out the basin and ensure it can collect more mud as it comes down the mountain.

“However, due to the unpredictable nature of the mud flow, longer disruptions or closures are possible,” she wrote.

You can view photos of the mud slide in the slideshow above.