An excavator lifts out an overflowing culvert in order to restore a natural channel.

Rains cause creek to overflow

A culvert near the Revelstoke Railway Museum overflowed Tuesday morning, resulting in water spilling onto the CP rail tracks.

The creek flooded at a culvert just west of the railway museum. The torrential rain from the past day overwhelmed the culvert, causing the creek to overflow and send water flowing towards the CP rail tracks.

Brian Mallett, the city’s director of engineering, also said the culvert may have also been clogged with rocks and other debris.

At around 9 a.m. Two excavators were near the site. The first was right by the railway museum, ensuring a second culvert there did not clog up.

The first excavator was at the site of the flooding. It broke apart the concrete covering the culvert and removed the culvert from the ground, allowing the water to flow through its natural channel.

The excavator worked to enlarge the channel as well as place a barrier so water stopped flowing towards the tracks.

By 9:30 a.m., the control work appeared to be complete and the creek was flowing through normally. The culvert by the railway museum also appeared to withstanding the flow.

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