Vic Van Isle fined for 2008 incident that left worker injured

Marks second WorkSafe fine at RMR condo project

Vic Van Isle was fined almost $70,000 by WorkSafeBC in relation to a July 2008 worksite incident at Revelstoke Mountain Resort that left a worker with minor injuries.

The fine was levied in December 2010 and was published in the May/June edition of WorkSafe Magazine.

The incident occurred on July 8, 2008 when a temporary structure collapsed during a concrete pour during construction of a condo building at RMR.

“Two workers were drawn into the collapsed area and one sustained minor injuries,” states the WorkSafeBC incident report.

The report states that the support used to support the structure failed due to overloading. “The single-pole shores were not sufficient to withstand the load applied when concrete was placed in the formwork,” the report states.

Vic Van Isle is also faulted for not having a professional engineer sign off on the design of the temporary structure.

The fine is not the first levied against a company working at the ski hill. In 2009, Shearwall Contracting, which assumed control of construction after Northland Properties took ownership of the resort, was fined $61,398.50 for a Dec. 23, 2009 incident when the project superintendent interfered with the work of two WorkSafeBC officers who were trying to inspect the site. The inspectors observed high-risk violations, including the lack of fall protection.

As well, last summer a woman was rushed to hospital in critical condition after experiencing an electric shock while working on the Nelsen Lodge.