The new Revelstoke Grizzlies

Grizzlies introduce three local signings

The three local recruits of the Revelstoke Grizzlies were introduced to the media at a press conference last week and they all seemed genuinely excited to be here.

The three local recruits of the Revelstoke Grizzlies were introduced to the media at a press conference last week and they all seemed genuinely excited to be here.

The players are Riley Creighton, a 17-year-old, 5’10”, 175-pound forward; Kent Hendrickson, a 17-year-old, 5’9”, 165-pound forward; and Bradon Seyl, a 17-year-old, 6’3”, 195-pound defenseman.

“It’s our privilege to have three graduates of the Revelstoke Minor Hockey Association be part of our team,” said Randy Quakenbush, the team’s new coach and general manager. “It’s an accolade for the minor hockey and the community of Revelstoke to have three outstanding, young players of this calibre making our program.”

Creighton and Hendrickson both spent last year on the Revelstoke CMH Midget Titans team while Seyl played for the Notre Dame Argos of the Saskatchewan Midget AAA league.

Here’s what they had to say on various topics:

Hendrickson on what he learned playing five games for the Grizzlies last season: “It definitely helped a lot. It’s high intensity hockey, you have to battle to earn your ice and you have to compete. They are definitely two things that will help me when I come to camp.”

Seyl, on spending the last two years in Saskatchewan: “It was great, playing in one of the top midget AAA leagues in Canada. You had to have your A game every game otherwise you wouldn’t play.”

On their strengths as a hockey player:

Creighton: “I think I’m a pretty high energy player. I try to get things going out there, get the other team wound up, knock them down and get some momentum for our team. Just grind it out.”

Hendrickson: “I think I bring a lot of intensity. I battle hard, just do the little things. I’m a role player.”

Seyl: “I’ve learned to use my body over the last couple of years. My skating I think is quite strong and my shot too.”

On joining the Revelstoke Grizzlies:

Creighton: All your friends and family are here. The people you grew up with are watching you and all the kids in the community look up to you. Once you’re a Grizzly, they idolize you. You’re a hero to them, it’s pretty cool.”

Seyl: “The Grizzlies have been know to have a great reputation for their program. I was pretty excited for the chance to play here this year. I could have gone back to Saskatchewan but I just didn’t see playing a third year of Midget would help me a lot. I came here to develop more.”

On their goals in hockey:

Seyl: “Go as far as I can. Hopefully try and make Kelowna next year but I’m looking at a few possibilities.”

Hendrickson: “I’m looking to get some schooling out of it if I can. I’d like to get a scholarship but I just love playing hockey because it’s fun. If I can get schooling out of it that would be great.”

Creighton: “Hopefully someone will see me play one day and see something they like and maybe play Junior A. We’ll see how that goes.”


In other Grizzlies new, the team announced that Darren Komonoski would be staying with the organization as associate coach and goaltender coach.

Komonoski, who is best known as the operations manager for the city of Revelstoke, played Junior A and in the Western Hockey League before moving to Revelstoke. He has been a member of the coaching staff for the past two years.

Quakenbush said he was still looking at bringing in another assistant and round out the staff and lineup. He said to expect the team to be bigger this year.

“There’s a few irons in the fire and hopefully we’ll bring in some new faces,” he said.