Skyller Archer races at the Motocross Nationals in Kamloops.

Skyller Archer finishes 4th at Motorcross Nationals

  • Fri Jun 10th, 2011 12:00pm
  • Sports

Earlier this spring, 15-year-old Skyller Archer of Revelstoke was chosen to represent the Kawasaki Leading Edge Monster Energy team in the amateur division of the 2011 Motorcross Nationals in Kamloops. This was a huge honour as Skyller’s sponsors, team Kawasaki and Leading Edge Monster Energy handpicked him from many other riders.

He received an opportunity to be based out of the Monster Energy trailer, with a personal mechanic and a personal suspension tech provided for him during the entire race. He received many other perks while representing the team, some of which included factory graphics for his bike, a VIP pass to the Monster Energy show lounge, a Kawasaki autographed jersey and a private photo and autograph session with Team Kawasaki.

The Nationals took place this past weekend, June 4-5, with Skyller coming in fourth overall in his MX2 division. He represented the junior amateur for the Kawasaki Leading Edge factory race team based out of Kamloops.

Skyller Archer in the team Kawasaki and Leading Edge Monster Energy tent.