Better Together Ice Cream Co. (contributed)

Better Together Ice Cream Co. (contributed)

Kelowna couple bringing ice cream and family together with new business

Better Together Ice Cream Co. had its opening day at the farmers’ market on May 20

A Kelowna couple has launched a new business and it was open for the first time at the Kelowna Farmers’ Market on May 20.

LP Lavoie and Ruthy Penner have started up Better Together Ice Cream Co. with a little help from their kids.

“There’s a few things that drove us to want to do this,” Lavoie said. “We had an experience with a similar product while on Vancouver Island while on a road trip with our kids two years ago and we were all excited about the possibility of doing it here in the Okanagan.”

The product is made by pressing ice cream with fresh frozen fruit.

It’s the first time the couple has ventured into the food industry, but the business aspect of things they already know having previously launched a children’s clothing line, Nooks Design.

Their girls Anouk and Elodie help with running the business.

“As they’ve grown up around us running this clothing business they’ve learned to be entrepreneurs, they’ve learned about how to think about finances, how to be creative problem solvers. We want them to continue on that by exposing them and getting them involved in the business.”

Lavoie said that’s part of where the name came from. “Better Together was a bit of a wink at that. We feel that the community coming together is great, but also for our kids and us to come together to build this business, and of course the fruit and the ice cream being together is just better than if they were individually independent of one another.”

Get a taste of Better Together at markets around Kelowna. They have options for all dietary restrictions.

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