Diane Mahoney outside Welwinds Spa on Fourth St. East

New spa is for skiers, by skiers

Welwinds Spa is a new physical therapy centre aimed at outdoor enthusiasts.

Diane Mahoney put it pretty simple when asked about her new business, Welwinds Spa.

“Our concept is a clinic for the ski bums,” said the long-time ski town massage therapist. “Revelstoke is a small town as it is but in the winter months there’s enough of this trade, so we’re going to concentrate on that and develop.”

Mahoney is a registered massage therapist, an acupuncturist and a trained yoga instructor. She is opening Welwinds Spa as a place where different physical therapists can set up a practice while in town.

“It’s kind of like a communal space for therapists to work in,” said Mahoney.

She comes to the business with 15 year experience as a massage therapist, working in various ski towns. She lived in Whistler in the mid-’80s and has also set up in Nelson, Rossland and Silver Star. She spent several years working in the heli-ski industry and said she was the massage therapist for Don Simpson, the principal owner of Revelstoke Mountain Resort before Northland Properties took over, when she first came to Revelstoke in 2007

Therapists working at the spa will all be on contract. If a new physical therapist comes to town for a few months, they can set up inside Welwinds while in town.

“Everybody will have their own contract, everyone will have their own certification,” she said.

So far, Mahoney said she has four yoga instructors who will be giving classes and workshops in the space and she has also received interest from other therapists interested in setting up inside her space.

As a skier herself, she said the hours will be set to cater to the crowd that spends their days outdoors and needs therapy later. With that in mind, Welwinds Spa will be open in the evenings.

Welwinds was still under renovations when I visited the Fourth St. East business. Mahoney acquired the place in 2007 and has spent the intervening years renovating it and getting it ready to open.

The front of the spa will feature a tea lounge where people can come hang out and relax. “I want to create a space you can come out and enjoy a little bit of time out,” Mahoney said.

Welwinds Spa is hosting an open house on Wednesday, Dec. 21, from 6-9 p.m. The spa is expected to open early next year. It is located at 409 Fourth St. East.