First Light Farm crowdfunded $1,000 and donated that amount in produce to Revelstoke’s food bank this year. (Submitted/First Light Farm)

First Light Farm crowdfunded $1,000 and donated that amount in produce to Revelstoke’s food bank this year. (Submitted/First Light Farm)

Bumper crop this year in Revelstoke

In the spring farmers ramped up production, and people ate it up

Connor Arsenault

Special to the Review

With a rainy and cool spring, plants across the board took some time to get off the ground, but by the time summer finally arrived, Revelstoke farms were flourishing.

Kristina Metzlaff of Bird Tree Urban Farm could not be more pleased with the local support for Revelstoke farms this year. The resiliency of this community and support for local businesses has been a ray of sunshine in trying times, she says.

All of the local farms increased their production this year in a bid to provide healthy food for Revelstokians, in the midst of the pandemic, and the demand for this food swelled to accommodate the tide of fresh vegetables.

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Terra Park of Terra Firma Farms cites more people cooking this season as one of the reasons the demand grew.

While there was increases in buying local food, higher prices of all this fresh organic food can still be cost prohibitive to some of the lower income people in our town, says Melissa Hemphill, Revelstoke’s Food Security coordinator for the city.

To try and address that gap, Jesse Johnston-Hill and Chris Rubens of First Light Farm, who had their first year of production this year, launched a crowdfunding campaign and the community came together to purchase $1,000 of produce grown by First Light Farm to be donated to the Revelstoke Food Bank.

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To continue to get your dose of fresh food this winter, some farmers will still be selling their products at the Winter Farmers Market, which runs every second Saturday at the Community Centre. Also be sure to stop by Terra Firma’s Kitchen, where you can eat fresh greens and other artisan inspired food throughout the winter.

Keep your eyes out for posts from Terra Firma and Bird Tree Urban Farm in the new year for information about subscribing to vegetable and flower Community Supported Agriculture boxes.

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