Gallery: Revelstoke Garden & Art Tour 2016

About 100 people took part in Saturday’s Garden & Art Tour, by the Revelstoke Local Food Initiative.

From left: Kelly Hutcheson

From left: Kelly Hutcheson

About 100 people took part in Saturday’s Garden & Art Tour, visiting more than a dozen gardens and taking in the work of many artists throughout Revelstoke. the tour was a fundraiser for the Revelstoke Local Food Initiative.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it out to every stop, but what we saw was impressive. Check out our photos in the gallery above. Captions are as follows:

1. Kelly Hutcheson’s stained glass art was on display at Mieke Blommestein’s garden on Shiell Road.

2. From left: Kelly Hutcheson, Jade Davies and Jess Oundjian admire the view from Mieke Blommestein’s garden, while showcasing their hair art by Birch & Lace.

3. Gillian Hewitt shows off her wild and huge tomato plant.

4. Reuben Sanderson checks out the miniature home in Gillian Hewitt’s garden.

5. Dorothy & Don Pegues endless garden in Southside.

6. The fountain in Dorothy & Don Pegues’ yard was a highlight of the tour.

7. Tina Lindegaard’s art graced the garden of Katerine & Chris Coleman, and Ross Bianco.

8. From left: Alyssa & Reuben Sanderson, Melissa & Sophie Klages, and Joe Iaccino, who’s garden was part of the tour again this year.

9. Betty and Sam Olynyk hosted many people in their garden throughout the day.

All photos by Alex Cooper, Revelstoke Review