Gallery: Trashion victims

Photos from the second annual Birch & Lace Trashion Show, held at Revelstoke Mountain Resort.

The top three entries from the Revelstoke Trashion Show

The top three entries from the Revelstoke Trashion Show

The second annual Trashion Show was a big success, with 13 entries and more than 100 people coming out to watch the show.

The weather stayed nice, allowing the event to be held outside on the Rockford Patio, with its spectacular backdrop.

The show was organized by Birch & Lace and raised about $2,000 for the North Columbia Environmental Society and WaterAid Canada.

All outfits had to be made out of material destined for either the garbage or recycling. Check out our pictures from the event:

Lindy Silano and her daughter Abril walk out in clothes made out recycled products from Pharmasave, where Lindy works. The clothes were made out of old cards, puzzle pieces, paper and medicine bottles.

Chloe Kennett poses as ‘Stick Lady’ in a dress made out of used chopsticks from Kawakubo, plastic wrap from Southside, an old onion bag and dental floss. The dress was designed by Maggie Lynch, who works at Kawakubo.

Vanessa Irwin high fives the audience in her ‘Princess Unicorn’ outfit, which was designed by Alyssa Veerenhuis. The outfit was made out of grocery bags, paper, bubble wrap, a dog food bag, scrap fabric and a burnt out light bulb.

Claire Sieber in her dress made out of yoghurt containers, rice bags, plastic bags and shoe bags.

Karlina Gourlay (left) models a kimono created by Claire Ryan out of numerous scrap items, while Carly Moran models her dress made from plastic bags, ski magazines and household items.

The judges, from left: Kate Borucz, Kim Arthurs and Brittany Cochrane.

Joanne Gawler in a dress made by Anna Minten out of soil bags, hoses, planter pots and landscaping supplies.

Imagine It Events created the winning design. The dress was designed by Beth Manson (left) and Shawna Stocker (right) and modelled by Hazy Dann. It was made out of strapping from appliances, plastic bags, bridal magazines, tinfoil and telephone wire.