Victoria Hotel dining room with Christmas decorations. The hotel was located on Front Street. 
(Revelstoke Museum & Archives photo 2381)

Victoria Hotel dining room with Christmas decorations. The hotel was located on Front Street. (Revelstoke Museum & Archives photo 2381)

Glimpses of Revelstoke’s past for Dec. 31

A look at local history from the newspaper archives

130 years ago: Kootenay Star, Jan. 3, 1891

The Smelter Company last year opened a brick yard on the north side of the river using clay discovered in the area. A quality bed was found, and the brick yard was able to produce about 300,000 bricks.

120 years ago: Revelstoke Herald, Dec. 28, 1900

The various hotels in town as usual spread a beautiful board on Christmas Day. The menu at the Revelstoke presented an artistic and varied gastronomic programmed, served in first class style. The Victoria kept up its previous record for culinary excellence in its Christmas spread. The motto “A Merry Christmas” displayed in coloured electric lights on the roof of the building was the subject of much praise.

110 years ago: Mail- Herald, Dec. 31, 1910

The city are selling electric lamps to the people at cost price for a period of one month to enable them to change the old 104 volt lamps for the 110p volt, which are necessary for the new electric system throughout the city.

100 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Dec. 30, 1920

The United Farmers of Revelstoke called a meeting for January 7 for the purpose of forming a district association, and discussing resolutions which will be discussed at the upcoming provincial convention in Vancouver. The local convention includes farmers from Malakwa, Solsqua, Craigellachie, Beaton, Galena Bay, Hall’s Landing and Revelstoke.

90 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Dec. 31, 1930

Fire did considerable damage to Cerolini’s pool room, at the foot of Third Street East. The interior was badly damaged, and most of the exterior charred. The building was owned by the Colarch Estate, and was one of the first buildings erected in that part of the city. It was built by Fred Robinson and later acquired by the Bowman Lumber Co.

80 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Jan. 2, 1941

N.R. “Buck” Crump became the Assistant Superintendent of Motive Power for Western Lines of Canadian Pacific Railway. Crump grew up in Revelstoke, and had been steadily promoted in his career with the company since he started as an apprentice machinist in 1920, at the age of 16. In 1955, Crump was elected president of the CPR.

70 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Dec. 28, 1950

The Kinsmen Club was conducting its annual Polio Campaign for the month of January, raising money for the Canadian Foundation for Poliomyelitis. Some of the funding was used to support the Polio Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver. The Salk Vaccine for polio was discovered in 1955.

60 years ago: Revelstoke Review, Dec. 29, 1960

The city was employing 20 men on the winter works program. City works superintendent Alex Fleming told council that the work included slashing at Greeley Creek and Hamilton Creek, and at the cemetery. Fleming reported that the old arena was almost demolished.



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