Skiers at Glacier Station, 1949. Vimy Middleton (McCoy) at left; Edie Rear, ski instructor, second from right. (Photo from Deni McCoy)

Skiers at Glacier Station, 1949. Vimy Middleton (McCoy) at left; Edie Rear, ski instructor, second from right. (Photo from Deni McCoy)

Glimpses of Revelstoke’s past for March 27

125 Years Ago: Kootenay Star, March 31, 1894

This was the last issue of the Kootenay Star, which began publication in Revelstoke in 1889. The issue included a farewell poem which began: “I am leaving with the snow; I am going out of sight; My twinklings you will never see again; I am very glad to quit this uncongenial sphere; On which my bright effulgence shone in vain.”

120 Years Ago: Revelstoke Herald, March 25, 1899

About 90 per cent of eligible voters cast their votes in the recent municipal election. W.B. McKechnie, alderman and acting city clerk, advertised for applications for the positions of City Solicitor and a combined position of City Clerk, Assessor, Collector and Treasurer.

110 Years Ago: Mail-Herald, March 27, 1909

The Edison Parlor Theatre was remodelled, with the interior reconstructed and the floor raised in slope to the back of the building, improving the view of the screen. The galleries were made into one large balcony, with seats raised in tiers. The projection room was moved to the side and completely lined with metal and asbestos, making it fire proof. Local artist R.R. Copeland decorated the new stage with side wings.

100 Years Ago: Revelstoke Review, March 27, 1919

The paper was encouraging the production of strawberries as a cash crop in Revelstoke. There were already several growers in town, with shipments going to Calgary, but it was felt that more could be done. Strawberries could realize $2,000 per acre, so it could be a marketable venture.

90 Years Ago: Revelstoke Review, March 27, 1929

Vic Olsen, employed at the Snowflake Mine near Albert Canyon, was swept 1,000 feet down the mountain by a snowslide. It was not expected that he would be found alive, but when the rescuers hurried down he was on top of the slide and practically without injury.

80 Years Ago: Revelstoke Review, March 31, 1939

The new city hall was open to viewing by the public. “While there have been differences among the citizens as to the architectural features of the building, the interior design won almost unanimous approval by the public. The entrance from the luxurious doors on Mackenzie Avenue, through the high ceiling foyer, to the circular counters encircling the rotunda, will make taxpayers gasp with awe when they enter to do business, and almost unconsciously create the urge to pay the taxes all over again.”

70 Years Ago: Revelstoke Review, March 31, 1949

A group of 13 skiers journeyed to Glacier on Sunday for a day of dry snow skiing. Instructor Edie Rear and her class of senior ladies reported that the weather was sunny, the snow almost powdery, and the scenery breath-taking.

60 Years Ago: Revelstoke Review, March 26, 1959

The International Joint Commission which recently met in Chicago recommended the construction of hydro-electric dams at Mica Creek, Downie Creek, Revelstoke Canyon, and Calamity Curve, 60 miles east of Revelstoke. The projects were expected to cost close to a billion dollars and would generate 3,170,000 kilowatts.

30 Years Ago: Revelstoke Review, March 29, 1989

Canadian Natural Spring Water Industries of Vancouver will make an announcement soon concerning its proposed water bottling plant at Illecillewaet. The company has leased four acres of property for a bottling plant at Illecillewaet with a right of way from the CPR to run a pipeline from the spring to the plant.