Revelstoke Football Team, 1900. Jack Purvis, mentioned in the story from 1902, is the 2nd from the right in the top row. (Revelstoke Museum and Archives photo 752)

Revelstoke Football Team, 1900. Jack Purvis, mentioned in the story from 1902, is the 2nd from the right in the top row. (Revelstoke Museum and Archives photo 752)

Glimpses of Revelstoke’s past for Oct. 20

Local history as recorded by the paper of the day

Revelstoke Museum and Archives


130 years ago: The Kootenay Star, October 22, 1892

A public meeting was held to discuss making the land tenants were living on near the train station available for purchase. Most tenants felt that they would better care for the land if they were able to own it. It was unanimously decided to allow tenants to buy their land moving forward.

120 years ago: The Revelstoke Herald, October 23, 1902

Local athlete, Jack Purvis was given a place on the All-Canadian Rugby Football team that would tour Great Britain. Purvis was a C.P.R. engineer as well as one of the best forwards in Canada according to local accounts.

110 years ago: The Mail-Herald, October 19, 1912

Revelstoke was expecting a crowd of around 500 people the next weekend. The Provincial Conservative Association was gathering here in Revelstoke for a convention where matters of provincial and federal concern would be discussed. The convention was seen as a prime opportunity to display the exciting economic growth the city was accomplishing.

100 years ago: Revelstoke Review, October 18, 1922

On the Friday prior, the Boy Scouts held their first annual dance and program at the Drill Hall. Throughout the evening, folks were asked to give their attention as the scouts ran drills, readings and first aid exhibitions. The event was entertained by the Revelstoke Novelty Orchestra.

90 years ago: The Revelstoke Review, October 21, 1932

A local dog was saved by the winning of the Chrysler competition. The dog’s owner could not supply the money for a license for the dog. Without a license, the dog had to be turned over to the court house to be put down. Just in time, the owner received a prize cheque for five dollars from, Chrysler. He rushed to the court house to purchase the license, saving the dog’s life.

80 years ago: The Revelstoke Review, October 22, 1942

As Revelstoke began to fundraise for the third Victory Loan, it was announced that their progress toward their goal of $125 000 would be tracked on a large map on the corner window of the Revelstoke Co-op. On the map, an image of a dagger would travel from Revelstoke to Berlin as more money was raised. The two Victory Loans prior were tracked by a large thermometer at City Hall.

70 years ago: Revelstoke Review, October 23, 1952

Canso aircraft was made available for ten days to North Okanagan Recruiting Unit, Royal Canadian Air Force. Flying Officer Clare Angus, commander, was to use the aircraft at various interior points to give flights to air force and army cadets, to increase interest in the air force. The aircraft was scheduled to be in Revelstoke on November 1st.

60 years ago: Revelstoke Review, October 18, 1962

The city council decided to begin contacting property owners around the golf course and those North of the cemetery to discuss the possibility of including their properties within city limits. This would serve as preparation for a vote on the issue in December.

50 years ago: Revelstoke Herald, October 19, 1972

Revelstoke was asked to host the Pontiac Cup for the first time, a notable ski race. Local skier Larry Nelles was announced as the chairman of the meet. The meet would attract over one hundred top skiers from North America to Mount Mackenzie in the coming winter.

40 years ago: Revelstoke Review, October 20, 1982

A fashion show took over Three Valley Gap on the Saturday past. Models sported many different attires demonstrating which fashions would dominate the coming fall. Pants stole the show! All clothing and styling were courteous of Revelstoke merchants and stylists.

30 years ago: Revelstoke Review, October 23, 1992

Orcanon First Capital Fund Inc. filed a lawsuit against the city of Revelstoke in B.C. Supreme Court. Orcanon’s sale contract of the Mount Mackenzie ski hill was ruled null and void by the city when Orcanon had not fulfilled the terms of the agreement by failing to present detailed proposals of the project.

20 years ago: Revelstoke Times Review, October 23, 2002

Eileen Delehanty Pearkes spoke on October 17 about her book, The Geography of Memory. She discussed the work which went into the book as well as the motivation to write it. Since then, the book has undergone revisions and additions, and Pearkes will be speaking about the 20th Anniversary edition on Thursday, October 23, 2022 at Revelstoke Museum and Archives.

Compiled by Rachael Lewis, Collections Manager, Revelstoke Museum and Archives.


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