Arrowhead School in 1957. (Revelstoke Museum & Archives photo 2306)

Arrowhead School in 1957. (Revelstoke Museum & Archives photo 2306)

Glimpses of Revelstoke’s past for Sept. 19

Jack Snoddy

Museum Assistant

120 Years Ago, Revelstoke Herald, September 20, 1899

Workers were busy clearing the cemetery. They were preserving the shade trees, while clearing off the stumps, fallen timber and underbrush. It was suggested that grass or clover seed would be a good addition, as would the patching up of the wagon road to reach the cemetery. The editor noted, “To see the hearse jolting and crashing over a rough uneven road is distressing to all present.”

110 Years Ago, Mail-Herald, September 18, 1909

The Revelstoke power plant could not keep up with demand for power and caught fire causing a blackout across town. The city council had a meeting to have it replaced.

100 Years Ago, Revelstoke Review, September 18, 1919

The death of Jong Yuen was ruled to be an accident after the jury was unable to determine the cause of his death. The body of Jong Yuen was found in the forest near Cranberry Creek with a fractured skull.

90 Years Ago, Revelstoke Review, September 18, 1929

J.T. Lauthers, Robert Shaw, James Anglin and Peter Grauer scaled Mt. Begbie. They were the first climbers to ascend it since 1915. People from Revelstoke were able to follow the progress of the climbers with the aid of a strong flashlight which could be seen from the town.

80 Years Ago, Revelstoke Review, September 22, 1939

Ogopogo, a fabled sea creature said to inhabit Lake Okanagan was reportedly seen by a dozen men returning to Revelstoke from Osprey Lake.

70 Years Ago, Revelstoke Review, September 22, 1949

A Mr. and Mrs. Anderson left for a fair in Amsterdam. When they returned home they found a grizzly had made its home inside their house. It had taken any open food it could find and destroyed most of their furniture and was inside the house when they got back.

60 Years Ago, Revelstoke Review, September 17, 1959

Arrowhead Elementary had 48 students enrolled from grades 5 to 8. It had two teachers; Mrs. Harold Nicholls taught grades 1 to 4 while Robert Dearin taught grades 5 to 8. Arrowhead also had 12 high school students who were bused into Revelstoke.

50 Years Ago, Revelstoke Review, September 18, 1969

Danny and Ronny Fugino decided to bike from Revelstoke to Victoria to attend university in the fall. They spent six days trekking all the way across B.C. on the their bikes to arrive in Victoria to attend UVIC.

40 Years Ago, Revelstoke Review, September 19, 1979

Fires that year were the worst seen in 25 years. Approximately 18 fires were active around the Revelstoke area that summer including a 1000 acre blaze near Mica Creek and a 70 acre fire bordering Downie Creek.

30 Years Ago, Revelstoke Review, September 20, 1989

Revelstoke hospital staged a mock disaster to test the abilities of its hospital staff. Fifteen students were chosen to act as the victims. The hospital workers were not told it was a simulation and were under the impression it was a real disaster. The staff performed well and there were no issues found with emergency response.

Submitted by Jack Snoddy, assistant with the Revelstoke Museum & Archives.