Jacob Hanson gives a lucky lady a massage en route to becoming Revelstoke's Top Bloke.

Jacob Hanson gives a lucky lady a massage en route to becoming Revelstoke's Top Bloke.

Jacob Hanson wins Revelstoke’s Top Bloke contest

By Alex Cooper and Katie Findlay

Times Review

Jacob Hanson is the Revelstoke’s Top Bloke after two nights of competition during which eight men attempted to woo and impress the many ladies of Revelstoke.

Hanson, a bartender at the Village Idiot and forest firefighter, beat out Gabriel Giroux, Matt Hartwich, brothers Corey and Aaron McKenzie, Frank Romeo, Justin Butler and Michael ‘Party Mike’ Moynhihan for the honours.

The event kicked off Thursday night with Ladies Night at the Big Eddy Pug. If you like rippled abs and chiseled chests you were probably there – or you should have been – since there were plenty on display that night.

But the evening wasn’t just about looks; no, these blokes went deeper than that. The gentlemen had a chance to let their personalities shine during the speed dating portion of the evening, in which the women moved around the pub while spending a minute deep in conversation with each hunk.

The ladies’ night event culminated with an auction – each bloke was sold to a woman (or women) for a dream date. Dates ranged from a dinner at Kawakubo followed by a massage from sushi chef Giroux, to skiing or snowboarding with Justin Butler and Party Mike Moynihan, to tanning at Escape Within and two hours with Corey McKenzie to do with him as you please.

Unfortunately the ladies didn’t seem to be in very generous moods; the most expensive date was a homemade dinner for four by Hanson, which sold for just $85. As the auction proceeds go to charities that the blokes themselves choose, the organizers stepped in and decided to continue the auction during Friday night’s event at the Last Drop in hopes of raising more money.

Though the crowd may not have shown its support financially, the women were clearly enjoying themselves. The pub was loud with hoots and whistles, especially during the opening choreographed – and hilarious – dance number, and the two times (yes, two) that Corey McKenzie took his shirt off. “He’s an exquisite specimen of a human being,” cheekily observed Harald (H) Ulriksen, the M.C. for the event.

Friday night brought the action to a buffet dinner at the Last Drop. This time the men strutted their stuff, showing off their best ski wear, formal attire and concluded by showing off a talent. The ladies whooped it up as the guys paraded one-by-one around the bar and showed off their attributes.

The ski wear was definitely not what you see at the ski hill or on Boulder. Hartwich came out in a neon pink one-piece while Aaron McKenzie came out with his jacket unzipped and his hairless chest and six-pack there for all to see. Romeo came out in a Montreal Canadiens hockey jersey and delivered a shot to judge Neills Kristensen from the end of a hockey stick.

For the formal attire, the McKenzie brothers both came out wearing sashes representing their sponsors 2nd Chance and Escape Within. ‘Party Mike’ brought a Rodney Dangerfield-circa-Caddyshack style to the night, coming out in checkered pants and golf hat.

It was the talent show that brought down the house. Aaron McKenzie started things off with a strip tease dance while his brother Corey chugged a beer while juggling three oranges. Hanson went around the bar giving out massages but it was Giroux who stole the show. Dressed in a clown wig and makeup, he stripped off a bath robe and then proceeded to produce long balloons from his pants and making balloon animals for the girls. He capped it off by blowing a fireball.

His effort won him best talent but it wasn’t enough to get him past Hanson, who’s style and spirit won him the title of Revelstoke’s Top Bloke.