Tim van der Krogt is the new interim multimedia journalist at the Revelstoke Review. (Jocelyn Doll-Revelstoke Review)

Meet our new journalist

Tim van der Krogt will be with the Review for the summer

My Revelstoke story is similar to many other people’s.

I came here in 2018 to do one ski season, work for the resort and snowboard as much as I possibly could. After that my plan was to get out of here and find the next big adventure.

Fast forward four years and here I am, still living in town and very much loving it.

I’d made several attempts to leave. A couple times I got close but winter kept bringing me back. When COVID-19 began taking it’s hold on Canada, my plans, like many others, changed quickly. I found myself having a summer, something I’d largely managed to avoid since finishing high school.

My forced summer showed me Revelstoke in a whole new light. I started getting involved in all sorts of new activities: climbing, trail running, camping and many more.

I got out of my shell and started meeting people I never would have had I stayed a seasonal resident. I met locals my age and started getting glimpses of something deeper. I started to see a thriving community that predates the mad frenzy for fresh snow. This summer, I hope to grow on that and really get to know the community more.

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My life so far has been characterized through movement. By the time I’d finished high school I’d lived in three countries, Hong Kong my place of birth, Canada and Australia.

When I finished high school, I kept moving. I began my hunt for snow which brought me to many amazing countries and gave me the opportunity to live in Japan as well as New Zealand.

The pandemic made me slow down and made me take in my surroundings.

It gave me the gift of time, time to get to know this place, time to meet incredibly friendly people, time to fall in love with this town.

This summer, I’ll be reporting here at the Review. It’ll be my first time working as a reporter and I’m excited. I embark on this new challenge with lots to learn but I’m sure my mentors and colleagues will set me on the right path.

I look forward to being more involved with the community and endeavour to bringing you fair and honest news.

If you have any stories, tips, feed back, funny jokes or anything that you’d like to say to me, I encourage you to reach out. Send me an email at tim.vanderkrogt@revelstokereview.com

Thanks Revelstoke.