Robert Emms found this juvenile pelicon near the dog beach at Okanagan Lake. While pelicans have been seen in OK Falls and Osoyoos, it's a rare sight in Penticton. (Robert Emms)

Pelican pops into Penticton for a visit

The rare bird was swimming near the dog beach on Okanagan Lake

A rare bird has been spotted in Penticton Sunday.

Robert Emms was walking near the dog beach at Okanagan Lake in Penticton on Sunday when he spotted a juvenile pelican.

“I’ve never seen them here before.’ said Emms.

Pelicans are known to frequent lakes in OK Falls, Oliver and Osoyoos but not in Penticton.

The pelican was spotted alone and it’s not known if it will stick around.

This isn’t the first time Emms, an unofficial birder, has spotted rare birds in Penticton.

He captured beautiful photos of some trumpeter swans that stopped in the Warren Avenue West ponds for a visit with some Canadian geese. Those swans are known to live along the shoreline of Highway 97, year-round.

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