The Revelstoke Secondary School award winners – all 75 of them.

The Revelstoke Secondary School award winners – all 75 of them.

RSS rewards top students

Alei Mohr was the big winner Thursday morning at the Revelstoke Secondary School awards ceremony, taking home the trophies for best grades and best all-around student. Dozens of students were rewarded for their athletic and academic progress during the past school year.

Here is the complete list of winners:

Athletic Awards

Level 3 athletic awards (outstanding performance in 1 or more sports)

Sayge Fisher (volleyball); Chris Andrews (Volleyball, Basketball, Track); Taylor Barnes (volleyball); Bronte Viznaugh (volleyball, Basketball); Ainsley Arthurs (volleyball); Christine Batke (volleyball, Basketball); Jonas Burke (volleyball); Matt Tetrault (volleyball); Devin Camara (volleyball); Sayge Reigel (Basketball); Courtney Smith (basketball); Shep Howatt (basketball); Aziz Van Gassen (Basketball); Brandon Howe (basketball); Delyth Harper (track)

Laura Richardson (soccer); Harley Reiner (soccer); Brady Blake (golf); Shayne Grimmer (golf); Chris Dhillon (golf); Emily Unterberger (XC); John Yakielashek (XC); Dominic Unterberger (XC); Emily Pfeiffer (swimming); Wylie Harder (swimming); Christina Hui (swimming)

Level 2 Athletics: Recognize the top athletes of 2011 for their respective age levels:

Top Grade 8 Female: Amy Gagnon

Top Grade 8 Male: Rhys Evans

Top Junior Female: Megan Evans

Top Junior Male: Peter Behncke

Top Senior Female: Ellie Bay

Top Senior Male: Eric Schwenck   

Level 1 Athletics (Trophies)

Joseph Naccarato Award: Athletic Academic Junior:  Kirill Dubrovskiy

Athletic – Academic (Senior) Emily Smith

John Campbell Award for outstanding dedication and effort in extra curricular activities  – noted for their positive attitude and outstanding role model potential: Alex Wadey, Byron Conacher

Bernard Nelson Trophy to the top athlete at RSS : Brittany Evans

Subject awards:

1. French

French 8: Sonia Schwenck

French 9: David Podstawka and Annick Langlois

French 10: Tayller Maclean

French 11: John Podstawka

Intro German 11: Bronte Viznaugh

2. English

English 8: Jessie Booker

English 9: Lachlan Hicks

English 10: Bronte Viznaugh

Communications 11: Leah Bruner

Communications 12: Brandon Emmerson

English 11: Ellie Bay and Leslie Opatril

English 12: Alei Mohr

3. Social Studies

SS 8: Jacqueline Cottingham

SS 9: Tashi Townley

SS10: Tayller McLean

SS11: Brittany Evans

First nations 12: Michelle Barisoff

Geography 12: Cam Kaegi

SS12 (History 12):      Catherine Dyck

Law 12: Cam Kaegi

History/geography combined: Cam Kaegi

4. Science

Science 8: Rhys Evans and Jaqueline Cottingham

Science 9: John Yakielashek

Science 10: Tayller Maclean

Science 11: Florina Beglinger

BC Science Council award for the top grade 12 science student: Alei Mohr

Don Scott Award for outstanding dedication and effort in Sr. sciences: Emma Magarian and Emily Smith

5. Commerce

Info-tech 9: David Podstawka

Digital Media 11: Joel Flick

Digital Media 12: Ben Beruschi

Applied Digital Communications (Business 11): Michelle Jones

6. Home Economics and Woodwork

JR Home Ec Student: Lilly-jo Pierlot

Senior Home Ec: Michelle Jones

Jr woodwork 9: Lachlan Hicks

Jr woodwork 10: Eric Austin

Sr carpentry and joinery: Ewan Urquhart

7. Mechanics

Jr Auto: James Dyck

Top Mx student 11/12: Josh Babak

CUPE Top IE Student: Landon Rahn

8. Physical education

PE 8: Rhys Evans

PE 9: Lachlan Hicks

PE 10: Kirill Dubrovskiy

PE 11: Eric Schwenck

PE 12: Wylie Harder

9. Mathematics

Math 8: Jayda Park

Math 9: Jaqueline Cottingham

Apps math 10: Christine Batke

Math 10: John Yakielashek

Apps math 11: Corbin Benum

Math 11: Ellie Bay

Math 12/Calculus 12: Alei Mohr and Charlotte Beglinger

10. Visual Arts

Visual Art 8: Jessie Booker

Visual Art 9: Madeline Brown and Tamara May

Visual Art 10: Christine Batke

Art Foundations 11: Amanda Lang

Art Foundations 12: Richelle Cotterhill

Top Visual Media Arts Student: Alex Saar and Jason Kepler

Top Visual Arts Student: Simmone Kessler

11. Band

RSS Choir: Alex Wadey

Jazz 8: Grayson Gould

Concert Band 8: Breanne Wallach

Jazz 9: Kelsey Spannier

Concert Band 9: Annick Langlois

Jazz 10:  Taylor Masson

Concert Band 10: Madison Zmaeff

Jazz 11:  Leslie Opatril

Concert Band 11: Delyth Harper

Jazz 12: Alex Wadey

Concert Band 12: Alei Mohr

Top Overall Music Student: Alex Wadey

12.  Drama

Grade 8: Keeley Braun

Grade 9: Taryn Walker

Grade 10: Naomi Millsop-Melancon

Grade 11: Jessie Fitzmaurice

Grade 12: Felicia Van Leur

Top Drama student: Krista Barstad

Top Fine Arts student: Karina Foisy

Aboriginal Student Recognition Award

Presented by Mrs. Barisoff

These students have pride in their Aboriginal ancestry are motivated to learn about their heritage. They have demonstrated success in their courses taken this year and are a role model/mentor to other students.

Senior: Drew Roberts and Michelle Barisoff

Catherine Dyck, Charlotte Beglinger, Karina Foisy, Florina Beglinger, Michelle Barisoff, Christina Hui, Jacob Wallach, Delyth Harper, Alei Mohr, Byron Conacher, Hannah Brackenbury, Marissa Sessa, Ellie Bay, Emma Magarian, Emily Smith

Junior Citizenship: Jake Wallach and Braeden Lenzi

Senior Citizenship: Karina Foisy and Brady Blake

Top Students in each Grade

Grade 8

Runner up: Rhys Evans, Emily Suchy, Sonia Schwenck

Top Grade 8: Maxine Opatril

Grade 9

3 times on principal’s honour roll (4th, 5th, 6th runner ups): Ainslee Arthurs, Trevor Gallicano, Kelsey Spannier

Runner up Grade 9 (medals): Megan Evans, Lachlan Hicks, Nicholas Saar

Top Grade 9: John Yakielashek

Grade 10

Runner up (medals): Tayller Maclean, Peter Behnecke, Bronte Viznaugh

Top Grade 10: Kirill, Dubrovskiy

Grade 11

3 times on principal’s honour roll (4th, 5th, 6th runner ups): Adrien Maitre, Megan Davies, Brady Blake

Runner up Grade 11  (medals): Brittany Evans, Florina Beglinger, Leslie Opatril

Top Grade 11: Ellie Bay

Grade 12

Runner up (medals all): Emily Smith, Alei Mohr, Alex Wadey

Top Grade 12: Charlotte Beglinger

The Henretta Nelson Award (awarded to the student with the best combined average in their grade 11 and 12 years combined): Alei Mohr

Best All-Around Student: awarded to the student who

1) Academically  has no mark less than 70% in all grade 11 and 12 courses

2) Provides a valuable service  to the school

3) Is an active participant in school athletics

4) Is seen as a positive role model by staff and peers.

Alei Mohr