Magic and art on Revelstoke’s streets

Magic and art on Revelstoke’s streets

Tim Collins / News staff

Most all of Revelstoke’s citizens would agree that the city is already a sort of magical place, surrounded by natural beauty and infused with a community spirit that goes far beyond the norm, but Miriam Manley, the theatre manager and board member of the Revelstoke Arts Council said the Council is ready to transform downtown into an even more magical place.

“We’re bringing a new festival to downtown that will merge art with energy, innovation and imagination for an unforgettable experience for our city,” said Manley.

“It’s called LUNA, and its a festival that will run a full week between September 30 and October 7, although the opening night is really something everyone should attend. That’s when all of the live displays will be operating and they are just phenomenal.”

The festival is comprised of 25 local and visiting artists who were selected for participation through a jury process designed to ensure the best visual and performing artistic talents will be showcased in this unique art event.

The art installations will appear in shop windows, empty spaces, alleyways and a host of other unexpected places as the artists transform the familiar into fantastic and entertaining.

“For example, the bandstand is being transformed into a giant, interactive snow-globe that people can enter and experience the season’s first snowflakes, hypnotically falling from the sky,” explained Manley.

Other art installations in the festival are no less entrancing, according to Jana Thompson, one of the event organizers.

Consider Tina Schultz who transforms her own body with fantastical artistic renderings of body paint.

“Shes a local artist who is totally amazing. She literally transforms herself and each of her creations is unique and imaginative. She’s starting with our festival and will continue a project for the full month in which she will feature a new creation daily for all of October. It took a little convincing to get her to join in our event, but I’m thrilled that she’s agreed,” said Thompson.

Then there’s the Camera Obscura, an installation that gives a whole different perspective to the street you thought you knew.

If it’s live performance art that’s more up your alley, artists like Rhoneil Eurchuk and Jason Mannings tell a video interactive tale about the nature of life and Leila Neverland Band give performances inspired by silent films and some iconic musical talents of latter years.

“This is a great time in Revelstoke’s history to bring LUNA to the city. Revelstoke has changed. It’s always been a great place but there’s a new, dynamic energy to the city with people arriving here from all over the world with young, exciting ideas,” said Thompson.

“And, anyway, it’s just fun to bring artwork outside of galleries and museums and make it accessible to everyone.”

LUNA will largely take place in and around Mackenzie Village and will operate from 6 p.m. to midnight for the length or the festival. There’s a vast selection of food stops available and live music to entertain.

There is no admission cost to any of the performances or displays.

More information on the displays and the event can be found at

Luna Art Festival