Ian St. Arnaud and his bandmates recently released an album called The Cost of Living. (Submitted)

Ian St. Arnaud and his bandmates recently released an album called The Cost of Living. (Submitted)

St. Arnaud playing The Last Drop Nov. 21

Edmonton’s St. Arnaud will be playing Revelstoke on Nov. 21 while on tour promoting his new album The Cost of Living.

Originally the album title was to be used for frontman Ian’s St. Arnaud’s Americana/folk pop trio band North Of Here. Tragically St.Arnaud’s bandmate and friend was hit by a train and killed before that record could be made.

St.Arnaud wanted to honour his band and loss of his friend and reworked and rewrote the songs that make up the bulk of St.Arnaud’s The Cost of Living. The album was made with Juno Award-nominated producer Graham Lessard.

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The Introvert comes following lead single A Sweet Song, which, released as an animated music video by St.Arnaud’s brother and YouTube Creator GingerPale.

The video, released on May 31, has since garnered over 900,000 views on YouTube, and over 300,000 streams across major streaming platforms has been played on CBC Radio 1.

“The Introvert is as angsty a tune as I could muster for our old folk group, North of Here, and just as quickly, I find myself needing refuge from it,” St.Arnaud said in a news release. “The culture of stepping into being an introvert when it suits our mood is more common than we give Here. I often found that I wanted to get away and find the big party somewhere, but had no idea how to start looking. I was always trying to get somewhere that didn’t really exist, and I was restless in the thought that where I was wasn’t good enough to stay in. Now, it seems that I’m finding that elusive party in little glimpses.”

St. Arnaud will be at The Last Drop on Nov. 21 from 8-10 p.m.

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