Apex Mountain ends the season with the popular Dummies Downhill event April 2. (Apex Mountain)

Apex Mountain ends the season with the popular Dummies Downhill event April 2. (Apex Mountain)

VIDEOS: Dummies Downhill and Slush Cup end ski season at South Okanagan slopes

Apex hosts Dummies Downhill April 2 and Baldy Mountain hosts Slush Cup April 3

South Okanagan’s two ski hills are hosting their annual send-off to the ski season events soon.

Apex Mountain is hosting their annual Dummy Downhill competition on April 2 starting at 1 p.m.

Dummies are launched off of a gigantic jump built on the air site on Kristi’s run. Spectators are encouraged and to enter a dummy into the race is free.

The dummies can be created from any material. They will be judged on construction, creativity, the distance they fly off the jump and the carnage factor when they land.

But there are some rules to the Dummy Downhill like no fire, fireworks or real people are allowed.

Here are the rules:

-No living beings are allowed in the competition.

-No remote controls or human contact with dummy allowed after launch.


– Volume-weight up to a max of 250 lbs.

-Only skis or snowboards are allowed to mount dummies on.

-Dummy names must be suitable for publication.

-No fire or fireworks are allowed on the dummy.

Over at Baldy Mountain, they are hosting the popular Slush Cup on April 3rd.

After a long winter season, it’s time to close things out by getting a little bit silly and a little bit wet, said Baldy Mountain.

Take your turn at skiing across some water. This is the last day of the season.

There is a 10$ entry fee all proceeds going to ski patrol for much-needed equipment and upkeep.

Check out this crazy video of the 2018 Slush Cup where a skier does a flip into the slush.

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