LETTER: Old-style politics is easier to cover

B.C.’s current party system offers more conflict, fewer solutions

B.C. Grade 8 student pens letter to premier on residential schools

Terrace teen writes current school curriculum underplays past violations of basic human rights

  • May 2, 2018

Letter: Horse owner appreciates article

Just wanted to thank the Salmon Arm Observer for printing the article…

  • Apr 26, 2018
Revelstoke Community Choir's spring performance coming up on Sunday
Revelstoke Prevention of Violence Against Women March
Revelstoke Grizzlies' coach on provincial win
Revelstoke Grizzlies' hockey coach on provincial win

Open letter to Premier John Horgan

LETTER: Group called First Things First Okanagan promotes action on climate change

Effort needed on Earth Day

LETTER: Vernon writer urges change in celebration of Earth Day Sunday

  • Apr 18, 2018

Letter: Canadians need to wake up about the environment

Regarding the article, Grandmother takes stand on pipeline - Salmon Arm Observer.…

  • Apr 14, 2018

Letter: Opportunities abound in construction

Wanted: Skilled tradespeople. Must enjoy great wages, rewarding work, and a bright…

  • Apr 14, 2018

Letter: Medicare system should be protected

I applaud the B.C. government’s recent announcement that it will bring the…

  • Apr 14, 2018

Letter: Municipalities play key role in protecting farmland

Re: editorial in the March 28 Observer on farmland. The Union of…

  • Apr 5, 2018

LETTER: Anywhere but B.C.

Letter writer takes issue with speculation tax

  • Mar 27, 2018

Equality, Indigenous equality

Letter from chiefs applauds efforts being made with federal budget

  • Mar 26, 2018

LETTERS: Two views of oil pipeline protests

U.S. and other petroleum-rich countries aren’t cutting production

LETTER: Upgrade the highway this century

Prime Minister, Premier, Ministers Yesterday’s budget for Kamloops to Alberta Border upgrades…

  • Mar 7, 2018

LETTER: Do you care about the agricultural land reserve?

Attend the meeting on March 13 to have a say in the local ALR

  • Mar 5, 2018

Water protection requires partnership, not conjecture

A recent article in the Salmon Arm Observer titled ‘Shuswap organizations want…

  • Feb 28, 2018

LETTER: Calling out politicians on highway safety

How much do our politicians value human life, asks the letter writer

Letter: System failure seems obvious

Reflecting on the not-guilty verdict regarding Gerald Stanley, I do not know…

  • Feb 25, 2018

B.C. mom shares the heartbreak of an addicted child

With every fiber of my being as his mother, I have stood resolutely, phone in hand, and said No, I cannot help you with that.

  • Feb 23, 2018

LETTER: Playing Russian Roulette on Highway 1

Editor, In B.C., from Oct. 1 to March 31, to drive in…

  • Feb 21, 2018

Letter: BC forest practices need to change

Letter writer says forestry is in need of an overhaul