Corey McKenzie

Corey McKenzie

Top Bloke Valentine: Corey McKenzie

  • Feb. 9, 2011 11:00 a.m.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, the Times Review decided to ask the contestants in the Revelstoke’s Top Bloke contest what their perfect date would be. Over the next few days, we’ll be posting their answers.

Corey McKenzie

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She would wake up to rose petals scattered all over the bed, a bouquet of roses and a trail of rose petals leading out of the room downstairs to the kitchen where I would have a pancake breakfast waiting on the table with heart shaped strawberries and whip cream.

We would have our breakfast with her favourite music playing in the background. The trail of rose petals would continue to the bathroom where a bubble bath would be waiting for her, with a lavender bath balm and rose petals scattered over the bubbles. In the centre of the bath on a floating plate would be her Valentine’s present in a small gift box.

I would accompany her to the bath. When she got into the bath I would have her open her present, then I would bathe her to set the mood. After the bath I would have her robe waiting (sexy lace), then I would carry her upstairs to the bedroom where I would make sweet love to her for hours and we would enjoy the afternoon in bed snuggling.

When we were finished our afternoon, I would surprise her with a new dress for the evening and earrings to match the necklace I gave her in the bathtub this morning.

We would hold hands on our romantic walk and enjoy the sunset en route to her favourite restaurant where I would have dinner reservations. We would enjoy a candle lit dinner with her favourite wine, followed by desert.

After dinner we would go home where I would have her favourite scented oils waiting for the most romantic candle lit massage she has ever enjoyed in her life, followed by the best love making we’ve ever had. <3<3