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Outhouse racers flushed with excitement at Revelstoke winter carnival

Hundreds lined the snowbanks to watch

Saturday, March. 2 drew in a huge crowd at the Revelstoke Winter Carnival as hundreds of people perched on snow banks and cheered on their favourite team during the outhouse race.

Beginning at 1 p.m., folks checked out the outhouses as the racers stood by proudly, answering questions and conducting some last minute priming for their poopers.

Stacy Batchelor of Fable Book Parlour created the “Literary Loo” with her team which featured book titles and some cheeky puns, such as “One flew over the poo poo’s nest.” When asked what advantages her team were bringing to the race with their design, Batchelor said that they tried to build their outhouse with light materials like coroplast.

Fable Book Parlour poses next to their outhouse, Literary Loo (Lauren McNeil/Revelstoke Review)

For local restaurant group The Village Idiot and Chubby Funsters, their team drew inspiration from a popular Saturday Night Live skit, naming their outhouse Turd Ferguson. The sketch features the late Canadian comedian Norm MacDonald, impersonating Burt Reynolds on Celebrity Jeopardy, but the catch is-he insists on being called “Turd Ferguson.” When asked about the name, MacDonald responds “that’s right Turd Ferguson, funny name.”

As for their advantage going into the race, teammate JP White said that “keeping with the same trend that an outhouse would, it’s solid and sturdy for all those big poops and we’ve got a solid rider, Gord.” Besides their structural design and sense of humour, the Turd Ferguson team also said that they ate plenty of carbs prior to the race and were ready to push hard.

Team Turd Ferguson poses next to their outhouse (Lauren McNeil/Revelstoke Review)

For the Revelstoke Roller Derby club, Steve Brawn was busy working on their outhouse, after brainstorming with club members. The team eventually decided on a giant roller skate. As for their advantage, Brawn said that they have super fast snowboards and super fast girls.

The Roller Derby team struggles to stay on path as their competitor falls into the crowd (Lauren McNeil/Revelstoke Review)

After the crowd viewed the outhouses, two teams at a time faced off near Centennial Park on a sloped track.

The Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP battle one another in the outhouse race (Lauren McNeil/Revelstoke Review)

With crowds lined on both sides of the track, finding the perfect spot on the snow banks to get a good view, the poopers were propelled and pulled to the roar of an excited crowd.

Crowds cheer for their favourite outhouse (Lauren McNeil/Revelstoke Review)

After several turns down the track, there could only be one winner. Was it their sense of humour? Perhaps it was the carbs they consumed the night prior to the race. Or, maybe it was the gigantic yellow hat worn by their rider. These factors and some strategic and hard pushing led team Turd Ferguson to be crowned the winner of the Revelstoke Winter Carnival outhouse race.

All teams showed incredible creativity and team spirit. However, only one team could take home the top prize and that team was Turd Ferguson. (Lauren McNeil/Revelstoke Review)

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