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Revelstoke Unstuck prepares for Valentine’s Day surprise

Local students helped by making cards

Local group Revelstoke Unstuck is getting ready to spread some kindness.

It all began when Sandra Gregory offered a neighbour in need a drive. Since then, the group has expanded to a network of 875 members on the Facebook group. Revelstoke Unstuck offers a way for people who need help with things like running errands and snow removal find someone willing to give them a helping hand.

Since it began five years ago, the organization has grown to include initiatives such as the Valentine’s Day surprise. The initiative was previously privately funded by Gregory and is now being supported by the sale of “Be Revy Kind” T-shirts.

Students made cards for the Valentine’s Day surprise (Sandra Gregory/Facebook)

Community members are asked to nominate people they think could use a surprise and some acknowledgement that someone cares about them. “It is for no other reason than to make someone’s day and remind them that people are thinking of them,” said Gregory. Volunteers will deliver cards, flowers, and baked goods to the nominated individuals.

Example of a card local students made for the Valentine’s Day surprise (Sandra Gregory/Facebook)

Revelstoke Unstuck is working with Stoke Life to create and distribute the T-shirts. 100 per cent of the proceeds go towards the Valentine’s surprise and T-shirts can be purchased on their website.

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