RevyCar provides airport drop-offs, one-way travel from Revelstoke to Kelowna, and delivery within Revelstoke.

RevyCar is revving-up rental options in Revelstoke

Gas prices continue to soar across the country. Last fall, Revelstoke had some of the highest prices in BC; since then, the cost of gas has continued to rise.

Being tucked away in BC’s picturesque Rocky Mountains certainly has its advantages. It also means jumping in a car and travelling to the nearest airport in Kelowna and popular ski hills. With gas prices the way they are trending, car ownership leaves little to be desired.

For RevyCar, there is another option.

“Car rentals, particularly electric or hybrid models, allow residents and tourists to get to where they need to go without the high price tag of gas and ownership,” says Keegan Martin, owner of newly founded RevyCar. “We provide a cost-efficient way to get to Kelowna, Salmon Arm, and other destinations near Revelstoke.”

RevyCar ( provides airport drop-offs, one-way travel from Revelstoke to Kelowna, and delivery within Revelstoke. It is an opportunity to enjoy one of Canada’s premier destinations without the high cost.

Whether getting to the hot springs, travelling to a mountain oasis, or just getting to Revelstoke from the airport, RevyCar offers daily and weekly rental options. Customers will soon have the chance to book EV and Hybrid models, reducing those huge gas bills.

“Our fleet is still starting out, but we have several HEV/PHEV vehicles on the way,” says Martin.

According to BC Hydro, All-Electric Vehicles provide substantial savings – averaging about $1,700 per year in fuel savings. Natural Resources Canada estimates EVs are roughly four times cheaper per kilometre driven. Similarly, renting a Hybrid will save you money at the pump.

Rising Cost of Rentals

Statistics Canada reports that rental car prices soared by 30 per cent last year. This higher cost is attributed to demand outpacing supply and inflation pushing up the cost of cars and repairs.

When the pandemic hit, many rental companies reduced their fleet in anticipation of plummeting demand. Now that travel demand has returned, rental car companies have difficulty replenishing their inventory due to a global chip shortage stalling production at auto manufacturing plants.

As a result, it isn’t easy to even find a car to rent, and the prices are prohibitive.

“We are cost-efficient and are offering people an affordable option,” says Martin. “Whether it is to get to the airport or medical appointments and trips to Costco, rentals are an affordable option in today’s challenging economic climate.”

Even More Savings

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