Health Heroes’ Nitro Night Burner Weight Loss Supplement Review – Worth It or Cheap Pills?

Nitro Night Burner is a new weight loss formula that can help you lose weight effectively and is also advertised to help you sleep at night. It contains a blend of weight loss, mood, and sleep ingredients to help you shed weight effortlessly.

Continue reading to discover more about the formulation.

Brand Overview

Name Nitro Night Burner Weight Loss Supplement
Manufacturer Health Heroes
Quantity 60 pills per bottle
Ingredients Ashwagandha, valerian root, lemon balm extract, white kidney beans, and green tea extracts.
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • US-Made in a GMP-certified facility and third-party tested
  • Easy to use
  • Provides money-back guarantee
  • Dosage Consume two pills before bedtime
    Adverse effects Nitro Night Burner maker suggests the product is free from harsh adverse effects
  • It can enhance mood and sleep
  • It can trigger and accelerate weight loss
  • It can support guilt-free eating
  • It enhances nighttime fat metabolism
  • It can suppress the appetite
  • It can boost cognition
  • It may fortify the immune system
  • Pricing Visit official website
    Satisfaction Guarantee 60-day iron-clad money-back guarantee

    What is Nitro Night Burner Supplement?

    Nitro Night Burner is a natural supplement designed to support weight loss, sleep, and moods. The manufacturer advertises it is time-tested to support good health. The nutrients are free from GMOs, gluten, and harmful chemicals.

    Nitro Night Burner is easy to use and free from harsh after effects. It is perfect for adults looking for a natural weight loss remedy. The fat burner promises to work on all body types within a few weeks.

    According to Nitro Night Burner maker, users should use the supplement with a healthy diet. The blend of metabolic-boosting nutrients allows users to enjoy delicious healthy foods without mindlessly counting calories.

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    How Does Nitro Night Burner Work?

    Nitro Night Burner burns fat, enhances sleep, and balances moods. The official website says the fat burner saturates the body with quality researched ingredients to accelerate weight loss and support overall wellness.

    Suppress Appetite: Controlling hunger and appetite is the biggest challenge among weight watchers. Dieters of low-carb foods may have intense urges to consume sugary foods. Nitro Night Burner has time-tested premium ingredients to lower appetite and increase satiety. It can fight the urge to eat high-carb and sugary foods.

    Boost Metabolism: Nitro Night Burner promises to raise the rest metabolic rates (RMB) and the basal metabolic rates (BMR). It boosts thermogenesis, conditioning the body to burn calories and stored fat during the day and night.

    The nighttime blend in Nitro Night Burner supplement surges the Rest Energy Expenditure supporting fat burn even without rigorous exercise.

    Support Sleep: The sleep and mood enhancers in Nitro Night Burner relax the body, encouraging healthy weight loss. The supplement has 340 mg of lemon balm, valerian root, and lemon balm to improve sleep quality and encourage Rest Energy Expenditure. The supplement may aid in fighting stress-related food urges.

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    Nitro Night Burner Ingredients

    Nitro Night Burner contains nighttime and mood/sleep blends. The nutrients work synergistically to initiate fat loss, sleep, and moods. The active nutrients include:

    Night Time Blend

    Nitro Night Burner’s blend has two specific ingredients to promote nighttime fat metabolism. The blend has white kidney and green coffee bean extracts to encourage fat oxidation. How do these two ingredients work?

    White Kidney Bean Extract

    Nitro Night Burner refers to the white kidney as a weight loss aid and starch blocker. How does the legume support fat loss?

    White kidney beans have a high nutrient profile. It is rich in natural dietary fiber to increase satiety and enhance the digestive system. Studies indicate that adding beans to your diet helps you feel full for extended periods without feeling deprived or hungry.

    Nitro Night Burner formula includes white kidney beans that have high amounts of proteins to support lean body mass. The protein supports metabolic rates encouraging the body to burn calories 24/7.

    White kidney beans can deter alpha-amylase production, a natural glycoprotein supporting starch digestion. A review published in Current O*****y Reports indicates that consuming 1.5 -6 grams of white kidney beans can reduce glucose absorption in the small intestines.

    White kidney beans are rich in bioactive compounds and B-complex vitamins to support healthy inflammations. The saponins in the ingredient can lower oxidative stress, strengthen arterial health, and fight harmful cholesterol.

    Consuming white kidney beans regularly reduces the threats of neurodegenerative diseases, high blood sugar related conditions, certain cancers, and cardiovascular problems. In combination with Nitro Night Burner ingredients, it can amplify immunity.

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    Green Coffee Bean Extract

    There are numerous benefits to consuming raw coffee beans. Studies show that the ingredient can support heart health, immune system, and liver health.

    Raw coffee beans are abundant in chlorogenic acid that may help regulate high blood sugar related conditions. The nutrients regulate glucose and insulin levels preventing hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. A 2020 analysis shows that taking 400 mg of raw green tea can control insulin and glucose levels.

    Nitro Night Burner’s green tea extract contains caffeine to balance hormones related to an increase in fat metabolism. The chlorogenic acid reduces carb absorption in the gastric system, thus decreasing insulin spikes. It can lower body fat, body mass index, and overall body weight when combined with healthy eating.

    Studies confirm that green tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients that can benefit cellular health. It fights chronic inflammation, thus reducing the risk of arthritis, cancer, autoimmune issues, and high blood sugar related conditions.

    Mood and Sleep Blend (340 mg)

    Nitro Night Burner offers users a good night’s sleep, and stable moods elevate fat-burning processes. The mood and sleep lend consist of:

    Ashwagandha Root

    Indian Ginseng is historically used to reduce anxiety and stress. It is an adaptogen that helps the body to control stress naturally. Studies show that it can reduce the activities of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal, regulating stress levels naturally. Additionally, it can regulate stress mediators, including JNK-1 and Hsp70.

    Research involving 58 adults consuming 250-600 mg of ashwagandha for two months proves it can regulate cortisol levels. Consequently, Indian Ginseng can minimize stress levels allowing the body to cope naturally.

    Ashwagandha boosts athletic performance, strength, and oxygen uptake during workouts and testosterone levels in men. Medical reports indicate that Indian Ginseng can escalate sperm concentration, sperm motility, and semen volume.

    Ashwagandha can regulate blood sugar, reduce systemic inflammation, enhance brain function, and support sleep.

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    Valerian Root

    Valerian is a natural sleep aid and mood enhancer. The herb has been in use since the middle ages to fight insomnia. Some scholars call the valerian root “Nature’s Valium” because of its soothing, calming, and sleep-boosting properties.

    Valerian root has multiple compounds, including flavonoids, valepotriates, valerenic acid, valerenol, lignans, and GABA. Studies show that nature’s valium can surge GABA levels in the brain, regulating sleep quality. The chemical messenger is crucial in transporting nerve impulses in the central nervous system.

    Valerenic acid in valerian root inhibits enzymatic actions that destroy or lower GABA levels. Preliminary research shows that the elements in valerian root interact with sleep and mood hormones, including adenosine and serotonin.

    Nitro Night Burner included valerian root to ease anxiety and symptoms of depression. Research indicates that it has adaptogenic properties that help the system cope with stress.

    Consuming valerian root and lemon balm can fight chronic behaviors such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. The combination may also improve focus, impulsiveness, and mental clarity.

    Valerian root can boost sleep quality and quantity. It can help users fall asleep quickly and enjoy long, restless nights.

    Lemon Balm Extract

    Melissa officinalis, or lemon balm, grows in most parts of the world. The lemon-scented herb is usually used to manage moods, sleep, and cognitive abilities.

    Evidence demonstrates that lemon balm extract can help relieve stress. It can promote relaxation and moods. In an analysis involving participants with lab-induced psychological stress, the group taking lemon balm had reduced anxiety and a general feeling of calmness. Experts suggest taking 300-600 mg of lemon balm daily to calm the nerves and fight stress.

    Research findings indicate that taking 900-1800 mg of lemon balm daily can boost cognitive functions. Research shows that the herb can boost learning, memory, concentration, and alertness.

    Some people use lemon balm and other herbs to fight insomnia and sleep apnea. Drinking a cup of valerian root combined with lemon balm before bedtime supports healthy sleep. It can improve overall sleep quality and quantity.

    Lemon balm can fight digestive issues and nausea. Research indicates that it can alleviate chronic abdominal pain and nausea. Adding a teaspoon of lemon balm to smoothies or tea supports healthy bowel movement and may ease bloating.

    Nitro Night Burner maker suggests that lemon balm extract has analgesic properties. It can ease headaches and toothache. Limited studies suggest it can relax tight arterial, enhancing blood circulation and relieving muscle tension. Consuming 600 mg of lemon balm thrice daily can eliminate recurrent headaches.

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    Pros and Cons of using Nitro Night Burner Supplement


    • Nitro Night Burner is easy to use
    • The supplement is natural and made in the United States
    • It can work on adults of all ages regardless of body type
    • It improves fat metabolism, sleep, and mood
    • It can help users enjoy healthy foods without unnecessary counting of calories.
    • It can transform your body, boosting your self-confidence


    • Nitro Night Burner may not work for everyone

    Benefits of Nitro Night Burner Supplement

    Nitro Night Burner can offer multiple health benefits. These include:

    Control Appetite: Nitro Night Burner contains appetite-suppressing nutrients. It can help dieters to stick to their nutritional routine. It may also aid the users in implementing healthy eating habits.

    Weight Loss: Nitro Night Burner is marketed as an effective fat loss remedy. It encourages Resting Energy Expenditure, enabling the user to lose weight around the clock. It can prevent over-eating and stress-related consumption, increasing overall calorie expenditure.

    Support Moods: Nitro Night Burner has adaptogens, including ashwagandha, lemon balm, and valerian root, to balance moods and ease anxiety. It aids the user in easing tension and symptoms of depression.

    Improve Sleep: Nitro Night Burner has sedative properties requiring users to consume it before bedtime. Health Heroes claim it can improve the ability to fall asleep quickly, sleep quality, and quantity.

    Fortify Immunity: The supplement may combat disease-causing inflammations and oxidative stress.

    Improve Glucose Ranges: Nitro Night Burner promotes fat and glucose metabolism. It can balance the blood sugar ranges and regulate insulin production.

    Support Heart Health: Consuming Nitro Night Burner may support arterial health and control blood flow. It can lessen the risk of cardiovascular issues.

    Boost Confidence: Nitro Night Burner maker argues that losing weight and body transformation can boost self-confidence. Using the supplement may help you achieve your ideal body type.

    Nitro Night Burner supplement can provide additional health benefits when taken consistently and with healthy eating and lifestyle.

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    Nitro Night Burner Dosage and Adverse Effects

    Dosage: Nitro Night Burner is in the form of easy-to-use capsules. Health Heroes recommends taking two pills a few minutes before bedtime. The creator cautions that the fat burner has sedative properties and thus should not be used during the day.

    Adverse Effects: Nitro Night Burner is made from 100% natural components and is free of risky adverse effects. However, consumers should only modify the dosage if otherwise advised by qualified health providers.


    Nitro Night Burner Pricing

    You can buy Nitro Night Burner only through the official website. Customers can choose from a 30, 90, or 180-day supply depending on their needs and budget. Consumers buying over six bottles get free shipping.

    • One Bottle $69.00 + Shipping Fees
    • Three Bottles $59.00 Each + Shipping Fees
    • Six Bottles $49.00 Each + Free US Shipping

    Visit the official website to get discounted prices!

    The company offers a money-back guarantee of 60 days on all purchases. Customers can reach customer service for product or order support at the following:

    • Order Support: https://www.clkbank.com/
    • Product Support: support@nitronightburner.com

    Final Thoughts

    Nitro Night Burner supplement is a weight loss, sleep enhancer, and mood booster formula. It contains 100% raw ingredients designed to initiate fat oxidation during the night and day. Consuming two pills daily balances mood and improves cognition, accelerates weight loss, and improves sleep.

    Nitro Night Burner is free from artificial ingredients, GMOs, and harmful chemicals. You can buy Nitro Night Burner through the official website at reasonable prices.

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