Amendments proposed for Mackenzie Village Master Development Agreement

A public hearing is scheduled for Aug. 13

Several minor amendments to the Mackenzie Village Master Development Agreement have been “approved to proceed” by council.

City planner Daniel Sturgeon presented the amendments at the regular council meeting July 10. They need to be made in order to accommodate for an upcoming development permit for Phase 2 and 3 of the project, he said.

A Public Hearing is scheduled for Aug. 13 for the community to share feedback on the proposed amendments.

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“These proposed changes accommodate more precise road alignments and final layout that were determined to best suit the site,” Sturgeon’s report read.

The changes include five added sections as well as a revised and supplement section:

  • Section 1A-This amendment reflects language that was negotiated in 2016 and should have already been included
  • Section 2-This amendment allows future phases of the project to increase or decrease in size by 10 per cent without needing future changes to the Master Development Agreement
  • Section 6.4-This amendment is the addition of a clause to clarify that the agreement does not alter the law when it comes to the financing and construction of highways. Land had been set aside in the planning process for a potential round about, and the financing of such roundabout does not fall on the developer
  • Section 12.4, 12A and 14.10-These amendments should have been included in the original plan, the report reads. 12.4 says the city does not have a duty to enforce the development agreement, 12A protects the city from liability and 14.10 is a standard provision

“The increase in area is accommodating a more spacious layout and the addition of this road,” Sturgeon said of the changes to Phase 2.

Though the applicant could have constructed the same amount of floor place within a smaller footprint, it would have meant less, or no, public open space, decreased setbacks and increased underground parking-which means higher costs for the developer, the report reads.

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The development permit for the next phases of the project will be completed and brought before council in the near future, Sturgeon said.



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