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Armstrong’s Arjun Esso receives new facility to dispose of used oil

In partnership with Interchange Recyling, the Esso station will be getting three new containers
The 20-foot seacan has been donated by Interchange Recycling to the Armstrong Arjun Esso, for the safe disposal of antifreeze and used oil. (Interchange Recycling Photo)

Armstrong’s Arjun Esso, located at 3210 Smith Drive, received a grant from Interchange Recycling to provide a safe space to dispose of used oil and antifreeze materials.

The Esso station will be receiving a 20-foot modified sea container, 2,200 litre used oil storage tank and a 1,000 litre IBC storage container to ensure the responsible collection and storage of returned used oil and antifreeze.

“This upgraded facility will decrease the pollution that can be caused by improper disposal of used oil and antifreeze materials and it’s great to see Interchange Recycling reaching more British Columbians through their facilities and grant programs,” said Darren Murray, the environmental coordinator for the Regional District of North Okanagan.

Used oil is a valuable resource and if it is recycled at one of Interchange Recycling’s dedicated public recycling centres, it can be recovered and re-used.

Used oil can be re-refined into new lubricating oil or material inputs for manufacturing or energy products. Additionally, used oil filters contain metal, which is recycled into metal products like rebar, nails, and wire. Used oil and antifreeze containers are recycled and used to manufacture new oil containers, drainage tiles, and parking curbs. Used antifreeze is refined and reused as new automotive antifreeze.

More information on all of the public recycling centres across B.C. can be found at

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