Residents discuss proposed changes to the Revelstoke transit system at a November

Residents discuss proposed changes to the Revelstoke transit system at a November

BC Transit sends new route suggestions to city council

BC Transit has published the results of their service review of the Revelstoke Transit system.

The report follows a review of the current system and a public comment session in November, 2010. The review presented plans to change the transit system from the current two, longer routes to four more-direct routes.

Not much new information is contained in the eleven-page report dated Jan. 12. Other than information previously presented, the report includes feedback received by residents and transit users.

Residents were asked several questions and their responses were summarized.

They told reviewers that the most pressing transportation needs in Revelstoke were more frequent service, reduced reliance on cars, more service to outlying neighbourhoods, more bike infrastructure, longer service days and more weekend service.

Respondents told Transit they could attract more riders with faster and direct service, more daily trips, reduced fares, better advertising and better schedules.

They also told BC Transit they could improve service for existing riders by following the scheduled route, keeping to the schedule, improving handyDART availability, offering discounted tickets and offering later service to 9 or 10 p.m.

The four new routes presented in the final report are the same as the ones that were shown at the open house. The four routes meet at a hub in Grizzly Plaza an then fan out from there. They include routes to Columbia Park, Big Eddy, a Southside/Hospital route and a Arrow Heights/Hospital route.

The report will now be sent to Revelstoke city council for deliberation.

Currently, Revelstoke has 500 unused expansion hours for increasing service, but there are no expansion vehicles available. A switch from a two-route to four-route system would require another bus.

If council endorses the changes, the city would be required to cover 51 per cent of additional costs. Transit estimates Revelstoke’s portion of expansion costs will total $43,000 annually, including financing for the additional bus.