BRIEF: RCMP search for pit bull owners

Three unleashed pit bulls attacked a dog being walked by its owners. The Revelstoke RCMP are asking the owners of the dogs to come forward.

Revelstoke RCMP are searching for the owners of three pit bull terriers that were involved in an incident on Saturday, Dec. 10. It happened at about 3:30 p.m. at 3rd Street and Temple Ave. in Southside.

An RCMP spokesperson said the three dogs were off leash when they approached a man who was out walking his American bulldog. The three dogs got into a fight with the bulldog. The dog was not seriously injured in the incident. A couple who are believed to be the owners eventually called the dogs off. The RCMP would like to speak with them, but they don’t have a working description of the couple.

The owners are asked to get in touch with the RCMP.