Alistair Taylor and Fly on the campaign trail. (Contributed)

Alistair Taylor and Fly on the campaign trail. (Contributed)

BYELECTION: Q & A with Alistair Taylor

Advance polls are open on Feb. 10 and general voting day is Feb. 13

Alistair Taylor is running to fill the vacant council seat in the upcoming byelection.

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What are the three most important things you want addressed immediately if you win the seat?

Increase the urgency to complete the Official Community Plan, pass a motion to have a slow zone (30km/hr) by the Post Office, and work towards world peace and cooperation. (I know that sounds a bit grandiose, but from small seeds, giant trees grow. And so on.)

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What have you done to contribute to your community in the past two years?

I pick up beer cans in the forest and try to be nice to people. Oh yeah, and risked some flak and ran for council…

How do you plan to engage with residents?

Talk with them.

What is your biggest conflict of interest and how will you handle it?

When it’s a fine day to be up the mountains, and there’s a stuffy boring meeting going on. However, I will buckle down and be responsible. Honest…

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What is your position on the proposed gravel pit near the Jordan River and other areas of environmental concern in the region?

In my opinion, the proposed gravel pit should not go ahead in this location. We’re in grave danger of “paving paradise to put up a parking lot.” Thank you, Joni Mitchell, for the words. Similarly, anything in the Greater Revelstoke Area. Protect the GRA!

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