City council wants Service Canada outreach site in Revelstoke

Revelstoke city council wants a Service Canada ‘Scheduled Outreach Site’ to be located in Revelstoke. A ‘Scheduled Outreach Site’ provides services offered by the federal government centres to remote locations on a part-time basis, such as a once-a-week scheduled office hours.

Currently, Revelstokians have to travel to the nearest Service Canada office in Salmon Arm to access some of the services provided by the centres, although many of the services are available online or through toll-free 1-800 numbers.

At their Mar. 22 meeting, city council resolved to write the federal Member of Parliament to make the request.

Coun. Antoinette Halberstadt made the original motion. In an interview, Halberstadt said the roads between Revelstoke and Salmon Arm are dangerous in winter and travel to Salmon Arm is expensive.

Some people accessing some of the federal programs already face some barriers. “Those are the people who can least afford the gas to go back and forth,” she said.

“It makes way more sense for one person to come to Revelstoke,” Halberstadt said.