Revelstoke City Council held their first all-digital meeting using Zoom on April 8, 2020. (Screenshot)

Revelstoke City Council held their first all-digital meeting using Zoom on April 8, 2020. (Screenshot)

City moving forward with next phase of OCP vision statement creation

Revelstoke will see a focus group give feedback on proposed amendments

The next step in the Official Community Plan vision statement review process will be a focus group to review and discuss the proposed changes.

Despite trepidation from councillors Jackie Rhind and Cody Younker the rest of council and the mayor voted in favour of the proposal.

Younker believes the process should be delayed and said it is not a top priority right now.

Rhind said she thought a survey would make more sense than a focus group, however, according to Marianne Wade, director of Development Services, an additional survey would cost the city extra money, whereas a focus group does not.

Wade said continuing with the Official Community Plan process is a good news story and a focus group is the most cost effective way to move forward.

The focus group will watch a pre-recorded presentation outlining the results of the OCP Vision survey that was done earlier this year and fill out a work book.

In that work book the participants will provide input on their preferred vision option (keeping the existing vision, slightly revising the vision or completely revising), as well as feedback on the four organizing principals of the policy review (growth management, natural environment, culture and community).

City staff suggested that focus group members include chairs from the Advisory Planning Commission, the Economic Development Committee, the Social Development Committee the Chamber of Commerce, Collective Impact and Tourism committee.

There will also be an opportunity for the members of the focus group to discuss with their committees.

A report will be prepared for council based on the workbooks. That report will recommend a public hearing for any proposed amendments.

Wade said city staff have not yet come up with a solution for required public hearings in the current pandemic situation.

Staff will be issuing the presentation to the focus group in April and gathering the completed workbooks in May. The report should be back to council in late June.



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