City of Revelstoke seeks to have dogs that attacked teen put down

City has applied in court to have dogs euthanized after attack on teenage girl

The City of Revelstoke is seeking to have three dogs that attacked a teenager earlier this year put down.

The city has applied to euthanize the dogs under section 49(10) of the B.C. Community Charter, which states: “In addition to any other authority, if an animal control officer has reasonable grounds to believe that a dog is a dangerous dog, the officer may apply to the provincial court for an order that the dog be destroyed in the manner specified in the order.”

The move comes after an incident in April where the dogs attacked a woman and her daughter when they were walking through the Hideaway Trailer Park in Southside.

“The animal control officer declared all three of them dangerous because they all attacked as a pack,” said Dawn Low, the city’s director of corporate administration.

She said neighbours had expressed concerns about the dogs before the incident.

In court last week, representatives for the city and the dog owners agreed to hold a hearing on the matter, though they have yet to set a date.

The dogs are currently being held by the Revelstoke District Humane Society.

They are owned by Tamara Daley and Bredo Straume. Neither appeared in court since they are both in jail for other crimes.