City provides some new details in door-to-door recycling announcement

$2.97 a month tagged onto your tax bill in 2012; no curbside glass recycling; no program for apartments; details of collection dates and frequency not yet officially announced

The City of Revelstoke provided some more details on the planned door-to-door recycling program on May 26. See our story from the May 25 issue of the Revelstoke Times Review here.

In a rare media release from the city, they announce a three-year contract has been awarded to Bresco Industries of Revelstoke for curbside recycling starting Jan. 1, 2012.

The program will cover all residential properties that have door-to-door garbage pickup, but those living in apartments will have to continue to haul their recyclables to the bins next to the Revelstoke arena.

The system will accept newsprint, waste paper, cardboard, plastics marked with numbers 1 through 7 and metal cans. No Styrofoam and no glass. “Unfortunately glass cannot be picked up as there is a potential safety hazard to the workers,” a city media release states. “Residents can still take glass to the recycle bins located adjacent to the arena.” The city says they’ll be releasing info on collection dates later on.

The city says the final cost is $2.97 per month in 2012, the cost tagged onto your tax bill the same way garbage collection is. The cost is indexed to inflation, with a minimum 2 per cent increase annually.

For the record, here’s the media release the City of Revelstoke issued on the morning of May 26:

City of Revelstoke Announces the Start of Door to Door Collection of Residential Recyclable Material

The City of Revelstoke is pleased to announce that door to door collection of recyclable materials will be starting January 1st, 2012. After a public tendering process, the City has awarded a 3 year contract to Bresco Industries of Revelstoke for the provision of the service.

Mayor David Raven comments that “City Council has deliberated long and hard after revisiting this issue several times over recent years. Residents of the City have given us a strong message that they want door to door pick up of recyclable materials. We have chosen a local contractor who has offered an excellent price for the service. This is the right thing to do for our environment and our community.”

Brett Renaud from Bresco Industries says “Scott and I, and the staff of Bresco Industries are proud to have been the chosen contractor to introduce curbside recycling collection to Revelstoke. We look forward to working with and serving the City of Revelstoke and the Columbia Shuswap Regional District with this new service that will reduce waste going to the landfill, provide local jobs and improve Revelstoke’s environmental impact for years to come.”

Delivery of the program is being carried out jointly with the CSRD, who are in the process of contracting Bresco Industries to reload and transport the recyclable material to Kelowna for processing. The CSRD will also be providing further information and education to the residents of the City on what materials can be recycled. The Columbia Shuswap Regional District’s Chair, Ron Oszust indicated that “the Columbia Shuswap Regional District is excited to partner with the City on this program.”

The program will cover all residential properties that currently receive door to door garbage collection. Residents who live in apartment buildings will still need to take their recyclable materials to the bins located adjacent to the Arena.

The program will include the pick up of all newsprint, mixed waste paper, cardboard, plastics #1 to 7 (excluding Styrofoam), and metal cans. Unfortunately glass cannot be picked up as there is a potential safety hazard to the workers. Residents can still take glass to the recycle bins located adjacent to the arena. Further information regarding scheduling of collection dates and a complete list of what materials can be recycled will be released at a later date.

The program will cost users $2.97 per month in 2012. In future years increases to the monthly rate are indexed to the Canadian Price Indexing with a minimum increase of 2%. The cost will be added to the property tax notices similar to the fees for garbage collection. The price of the service offers excellent value to the City. Other communities in the surrounding area are paying slightly high monthly rates. For example residents in Golden are paying $4.30 a month.