A semi’s dash cam footage shows another transport truck pulling out into the intersection of Highway 97 and Salmon River Road in the Shuswap on Feb. 9 so the first semi swerves around it. (Skilled Truckers Canada/Facebook)

Dash cam footage shows semi truck in Shuswap narrowly avoiding another

Transport truck pulls out to cross intersection on Highway 97, second truck swerves

A near miss on Feb. 9 between transport trucks at the intersection of Salmon River Road and Highway 97 was caught on video.

Posted by Skilled Truckers Canada, the video shows a semi pulling out of the intersection at the same time that another semi, which captured the dash cam footage, is approaching.

Comments on the Facebook page urged drivers to wait the few seconds necessary to drive safely and complimented “the hero who managed to avoid a collision.”

It also thanked the driver with the dash cam for “being the professional and driving safe and aware.”

The video has been shared in the Shuswap and across Canada, with at least one Shuswap commenter saying the intersection is bad and the incident captured is a common occurrence.

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