Kelowna’s Orchard Park Mall Apple entrance. (Don Denton)

Kelowna’s Orchard Park Mall Apple entrance. (Don Denton)

Fight outside Kelowna mall leads to man stabbed in leg

Quick response may have saved man’s life

A fight that broke out outside of Orchard Park Mall on May 28 led to a man being stabbed in the leg.

It was just after 3p.m. that RCMP officers were called to the scene, finding a 37-year-old man with a serious wound.

Witnesses in the area told police that a fight had broken out between multiple people prior to the stabbing. Four people thought to be involved were said to have fled on bikes, though surveillance footage from the scene allowed police to target in on a primary suspect, who was arrested for aggravated assault a half hour later.

He was released on several conditions and awaits a future court date.

The man was taken to hospital where he contineus to recover.

“(He) would have bled to death if it was not for the quick response of the first responders and several bystanders who stepped in to assist,” reads an RCMP press release.

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