Bruce Orydzuk talking to security guard in July. (Video: InfoTel)

Bruce Orydzuk talking to security guard in July. (Video: InfoTel)

Former Kelowna reporter takes stand in mandate protester’s trial

Bruce Orydzuk is charged with causing a disturbance

The trial of an anti-COVID mandate protester has heard that a former Kelowna journalist was worried about her safety after an altercation with the individual, charged with causing a disturbance outside a vaccine clinic two years ago.

Carli Berry recorded video of the encounter with Bruce Orydzuk, which also involved a security guard, at Trinity United Church on July 13, 2021.

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Berry, who was working for Infotel at the time, said she recorded the incident out of safety concerns.

“I wanted something concrete that if I had to give it to the police, you know, here’s what happened.”

She also called 911 and filed a police report after the incident, stating she needed to have something on file in case Orydzuk’s behaviour escalated.

“I was very concerned that if this would escalate to any kind of stalking or harassment.”

Berry added that she had previously received messages from Orydzuk on Facebook which led to her blocking him.

Under cross examination Orydzuk, who is defending himself against one count of causing a disturbance, suggested Berry deliberately misled the public with the video she took and an article she wrote about the protest.

He stated that when Berry first arrived at the church her told her that his purpose that day was to tell the general public that the were not giving informed consent in regard to being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Orydzuk told Berry that she failed to mention that anywhere in her article.

“Why were you trying to conceal our mission that day,” he asked.

The judge then interrupted proceedings and asked Berry to step out of the courtroom while he conferred with Orydzuk on his line of questioning.

Berry did not have to answer the question when she returned.

The trial continues this afternoon (July 7).


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