Tatum Monod jumps off a cliff en route to a third place finish on day one of the competition at the Freeskiing World Tour stop in Revelstoke on Sunday.

Tatum Monod jumps off a cliff en route to a third place finish on day one of the competition at the Freeskiing World Tour stop in Revelstoke on Sunday.

Four local skiers make final day of FWT

Four Revelstoke skiers are moving on to the final day of competition of the Freeskiing World Tour on Monday. Sean Cochrane, Gord Spurgeon, Tatum Monod and Nicole Derksen all qualified for the final day, in which skiers will be flown by helicopter to the top of imposing Mac Face – a steep bowl littered with cliffs.

Day one of the competition saw skiers fly through the North Bowl area of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Competitors skied various lines along “No Panic” ridge – throwing themselves off cliffs, zipping through powder and pulling off various stunts down the steep terrain.

“It looks like everybody is really pulling out some cool lines today, the level of competition is really high this year,” said Cochrane, who was the only local to make the finals last year, as he watched the competition following his run. “The amount of talent in the lineup this year is huge, I think.”

Leah Evans of  Red Mountain, B.C., leads the women after day one while Drew Tabke currently holds the top spot on the men’s side.

Monod, who only just moved to Revelstoke from Banff, led the way, finishing in third place amongst the women with 31.87 points. She started with a 15-foot cliff drop, then dropped down a steep ridge before cruising through the middle of the bowl and into the trees below.

“I tried to keep everything moving as much as possible – just do some fast, flowy skiing,” the 19-year-old said. “I’m super happy with it.”

Nicole Derksen qualified in fifth spot. She made her way down the ridge at the top of North Bowl to the run Meet the Neighbours before dropping off a cliff and straight-lining through a chute. She followed that up with two more drops before cruising through the finish line.

“It felt pretty good,” she said after her run. “Now I’m going for a heli-ride.”

Sean Cochrane finished in 14th place with 31.33 points and Gord Spurgeon wound up 18th with 30 points.

“I just went out, nailed my line. I kind of got caught with a little bit of powder at one point but pretty much did everything I wanted to,” said Cochrane. “I had a fun run so those two things combined are pretty good in my books.”

Rylan Kappler, 18, was the lone local skier not to make it through, finishing in 29th spot with 23 points.

“It was a prety mellow run, I’d say; not too many hits,” he said. “There was a good booter in that chute that caught me and almost took me down but I stayed strong and pulled through it. I have to say it was a pretty good run.”

Competitors played it up for the new judging criteria, which includes a tricks and style category, performing 360s and back-flips to try and boost their score. 

For some, like Collin Collins, who pulled a 720, it paid off with a trip to the finals. For others, like Johnny Collinson, who crashed after attempting a back flip, it meant the end of their competition.

“We rewarded good skiing but if you crashed you got hit hard, if you back-slapped you got hit hard and if you weren’t fluid you got hit hard,” said judge and local pro-skier Chris Rubens. “We were looking for really solid, fast, entertaining skiing and there was quite a few of them up there – it was exciting to see.”

A few favorites didn’t make the cut: Angel Collinson, the current tour leader, somersaulted on a landing and finished 11th, while Julien Lopez, who was runner up at last year’s Revelstoke competition, finished 28th on the men’s side.

The final day of the competition begins at 10:30 a.m. on Monday on Mac Face. Spectators can watch from the bottom of Greeley Bowl or online at freeskiingworldtour.com/live.html.

Complete results from day one are as follows, the cut off indicates who will be skiing in the finals:


Result  Number    Name     Home Mountain    Country    Run 1

    1    34    Leah Evans    Red Mountain    CAN    33.33

    2    6    Jacqui Edgerly    Aspen    USA    33.27

    3    37    Tatum Monod    Banff    CAN    31.87

    4    29    Crystal Wright    Jackson Hole    USA    28.03

    5    46    Nicole Derksen    Revelstoke    CAN    27.50

    6    12    Sara Rose Mancuso    Squaw Valley    USA    25.67

    7    39    Louise Lintilhac    Crested Butte    USA    25.53

cut off                       

    8    23    Michelle Manning    Alta    USA    22.23

    9    25    Martha Burley    Fernie    CAN    21.93

    10    8    Clare Burns    Val d’isere    USA    19.90

    11    4    Angel Collinson    Snowbird    USA    19.20

    12    20    Sonja Lercher    Blackcomb    CAN    16.13

    13    40    Sasha Dingle    Bridger Bowl    USA    15.67

    14    5    Ashley Maxfield    Alta    USA    14.90

    15    44    Tracy Chubb    Sun Valley    USA    13.33

    16    38    Alex George    Jackson Hole    USA    12.73

    17    31    Mckenna Peterson    Alta / Snowbird    USA    DNF

    18    36    Alexis DuPont    Sun Valley    USA    DNS



Result  Number    Name     Home Mountain    Country    Run 1

    1    2    Drew Tabke    El Colorado, Chile    USA    38.53

    2    42    Lars Chickering Ayers    Mad River Glen    USA    37.30

    3    13    Mat Jackson    Squaw Valley    USA    36.43

    4    49    Spencer Brinson     Kirkwood    USA    36.17

    5    3    Griffin Post    Jackson Hole    USA    35.63

    6    7    Aaron Schmidt    Fernie Alpine Resort    CAN    35.53

    7    10    Carter McMillan    Lake Louise    CAN    34.83

    8    14    North Parker    Sun Valley    USA    34.67

    9    24    Caleb Brown    Fernie Alpine Resort    CAN    34.00

    9    57    Sam Cohen    Alta    USA    34.00

    11    52    Matt Luczkow    Vail    USA    33.90

    12    33    Dylan Crossman    Mad River Glen/Alta    USA    32.23

    13    11    Connery Lundin    Squaw Valley    USA    31.50

    14    65    Sean Cochrane    Revelstoke    CAN    31.33

    15    60    Collin Collins    Sun Valley    USA    31.27

    16    9    Drew Stoecklein    Alta / Snowbird    USA    30.70

    17    28    Matt Potter    Breckenridge    USA    30.67

    18    36    Gord Spurgeon    Revelstoke    CAN    30.00

    19    45    Ryan Hawks    Mad River Glen    USA    28.50

    20    30    Dominick Malaussena    Jay Peak    USA    28.17

cut off                       

    21    59    Michael Legare    Blackcomb    CAN    27.77

    22    22    Mark Welgos    Aspen    USA    27.53

    23    53    Phil Hudec    Lake Louise    CAN    26.93

    23    50    Kyle Taylor    Whitefish    USA    26.67

    24    35    Craig Garbiel    Kirkwood    USA    26.27

    25    69    Cliff Bennett    Snowbird    USA    25.87

    26    55    Colston VB    Rossland    CAN    25.77

    27    51    Christian Mandahl    Snowbird    USA    23.60

    28    27    Julien Lopez    La Plagne    FRA    23.33

    29    64    Ryan Kappler    Revelstoke    CAN    23.00

    30    67    Chuck Mumford    Snowbird    USA    22.67

    31    18    Ryan Sullivan    Whistler    CAN    20.20

    32    68    Lucas Gonnthier    Revelstoke    CAN    19.10

    33    54    Alex Wall    Revelstoke    CAN    17.30

    34    41    Ben Wheeler    Snowbird    USA    16.73

    35    61    Nick Leboe    Silver Star    CAN    16.53

    36    56    Ryan Walters    Bridger Bowl    USA    15.77

    37    16    Johnny Collinson    Snowbird    USA    15.33

    38    32    Whit Boucher    Vail    USA    14.80

    39    15    Scott McBrayer    Crested Butte    USA    14.70

    39    17    Axel Peterson    Sun Valley    USA    14.70

    41    26    Mathieu Imbert    VARS La Loral Blanche    FRA    14.53

    42    58    Michael Gardner    Telluride    USA    14.23

    43    63    Silas Chickering Ayers    Mad River Glen    USA    14.13

    44    21    Luke Nelson    Fernie    CAN    DNF

    45    48    Benjamin Ogilvie    Fernie    CAN    DNF

    46    47    Randy Evans    Crested Butte    USA    DNF