Heart-warming and ground-breaking: Good news stories from 2022

Michael down on one knee at the moment of the proposal in Revelstoke. Shawn said he was overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. He said yes. (Contributed by Shawn Lee)
Yorke Parkin and Saige Beaumont, the coach who travelled with him for this race. (Contributed by Bex Parkin)
Revelstoke RCMP officers pulling over Taven. (Stefani Knapp)
Arland, Kiel, Jenna and Kasper Mason alongside Devon Jones at their house on Track Street. (Josh Piercey/Revelstoke Review)
Sergeant Chris Dodds of the Revelstoke RCMP presenting Max Werenka with a commendation for the part he played in the solving of an almost three-decade-old case. (Josh Piercey/Revelstoke Review)
The Cameron's: Robert, Carol, Cory, and Roberta. (Josh Piercey/Revelstoke Review)

It’s not all doom and gloom in the news, especially in a vibrant town like Revelstoke.

Here are the stories of folks who made a difference, or just touched our hearts, in 2022.

Taking love to new heights: A proposal in Revelstoke’s mountains

A couple from San Diego, California used the mountain ranges of Revelstoke as the backdrop for one of the most important moments of their lives.

Shawn Lee and his partner Michael were on day three of their four-day trip in Revelstoke with Canadian Mountain Holidays, a trip they’d done twice before.

They reached a scenic clearing in the mountains when their guide turned to their group and told them to stop for a break. Lee thought they were setting up to take pictures of the mountains, given the awe-inspiring scene that was laid out before them.

What happened next took him by complete surprise.

His partner Michael got down on one knee amongst the mountains and proposed.

He said yes.

Carving his own path: Young Revelstoke athlete shines at Special Olympics BC

For most kids learning to ski takes time. It can take many trips down the hill before things click.

For Yorke Parkin, a 13-year-old athlete from Revelstoke, the journey from the bunny hill to the top of the mountain was extra difficult and equally inspiring.

Yorke lives with Noonan Syndrome (NS), a mostly unknown genetic disorder that affects each person differently. The bumps and bruises gathered on the road to the moguls were even more severe for the young athlete, as his condition causes the lightest taps to leave his skin purple. Kids with the condition develop at a slower rate than their peers and have difficulty learning.

Despite all the extra challenges Yorke faces every day, his determination has led him to excel on skis and is now a role model for all athletes who want to overcome their disabilities.

Yorke competed in the Special Olympics BC Alpine Skiing Regional Qualifiers at Sasquatch Mountain in Chilliwack on March 13 and finished in first place in his category, ahead of athletes three and four times his age.

Adorable justice: Revelstoke boy charms his way out of a speeding ticket

Everyone had a fuzzy feeling on Thursday (April 21) as the Revelstoke RCMP doled out some adorable justice.

Stefani Knapp and her three-year-old son Taven were travelling down the road in Columbia Park when two officers pulled over to chat to the young boy about the child’s electric toy Jeep he was driving.

Knapp said, Taven charmed his way out of a speeding ticket.

“Two amazing officers pulled over and chatted with us, they talked to Taven about his Jeep, they gave him stickers and even let him check out their car,” said Knapp in a post on Facebook.

Strength and hope: Woman finds long-lost foster mother 30 years later from Facebook post

30 years ago, Jessica Cressey had a heartwarming experience with a family in Revelstoke during her time in foster care. This week, she decided to reach out in search of the couple she said had impacted her whole life.

“It was just on my heart,” said Cressey.

Her search led her to the Revelstoke Community Facebook page, a place where locals of the community chat, gossip, and discuss culture and events.

One night on her way to work, she decided to post on the page, not expecting much of a response. “The only names I have are Abe and Mrs. B,” said Cressey in her post.

Finally, Jessica got the response she was hoping for all along.

“Yes it was us,” said Mrs. B, Bjorg Buhler, formerly Bergman, in a comment on the post.

“We have many memories from when you were with us. Abe did pass away almost 21 years ago. I am now remarried but I would love to talk to you.”

Revelstoke charity shipping containers of goods and supplies to those in need

Tucked away in a crowded warehouse in Revelstoke, one local couple is making a big difference by taking what the people of British Columbia don’t need and sending it to those who do.

Partners for Others, run by Ray and Jackie Brosseuk, is a local charity that sends containers of food, clothing and medical supplies to developing countries.

Over the past 25 years, they’ve shipped more than two million kilograms of goods to those in need.

They ship clothing and accessories from the local thrift store, bibles, quality soup mix, Lysol wipes, hospital beds and supplies, shoes, handmade toys and much more with help from the community.

Brosseuk said that for 20 years they’ve had consistent volunteers from the community that come in every week to help Partners For Others get the shipments out to those in need. He said seven to ten people come in every week to sort the supplies and organize them onto the containers.

Revelstoke resident hailed as hero for saving baby’s life with CPR

Devon Jones and Kirsten Miola have been awarded Vital Link Awards for their life-saving efforts through quick response and CPR, saving the life of young Kasper Mason.

On April 13, Jenna Mason and her infant son Kasper were on a walk in Revelstoke when she noticed the young boy had gone from being fussy to quiet. Kasper had stopped breathing and was in immediate need of medical assistance.

Two women heard Mason crying for help, one of which, Kirsten Miola, called 911. Devon Jones, who was working on a site nearby at the time, rushed onto the scene to help.

Jones placed the baby on the ground and began CPR until paramedics arrived and transported the baby to hospital.

The actions of Jones and Miola, as well as first responders Caralea Taylor, Lauren Barras, and the Revelstoke Fire Department, helped save the young boy’s life on that spring day.

The award was presented to Jones on Oct. 4, in front of the Mason family, his family, and the Revelstoke Ambulance Service by Sandra Maley, an honour guard representing BCEHS.

Honoured for helping solve a near 30-year-0ld mystery of missing woman near Revelstoke

A young man was awarded a rare honour by the Revelstoke RCMP for his contribution to unravelling the mystery of an almost three-decade-old cold case.

On July 21, Max Werenka received a commendation for his involvement in locating a submerged vehicle in Griffin Lake in August of 2019 and was integral in the closing of a 27-year-old case file involving a missing woman from Vancouver Island.

In 2019, guests of the Griffin Lake Cabins, which his family owns, spotted a car at the bottom of the lake on a clear day.

Werenka, only 13 years old at the time, dove below the surface and took a video of the car with his GoPro in hand.

Having made this discovery, the RCMP deployed their Underwater Recovery Team, who were able to recover the vehicle’s license plate and locate the woman’s body inside.

Revelstoke resident receives award for saving the lives of both her parents

A Revelstoke resident has received the Vital Link award as long-deserving recognition for her crucial role in saving the lives of both of her parents.

Nov. 1, 2020, was a pivotal day in the lives of the Cameron family. Robert Cameron, known as Bob by those in Revelstoke, collapsed on the couch in his home and went into cardiac arrest while watching TV.

Roberta performed chest compressions for 10 minutes until the paramedics arrived. Paramedics were able to get his heart going once again after three shocks with a defibrillator.

After the paramedics left with her father, Roberta noticed something unusual was happening to her mother, Carol.

Carol was exhibiting the signs of a stroke: her face was drooping and she was unable to make a fist. Roberta quickly packed her mother into the car and rushed her to the same hospital that her father was heading to.

The pair had surgery out of town, in Kelowna and Kamloops, and have both miraculously recovered from the incident.


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