This proposed solution to the intersection at Fourth Street

This proposed solution to the intersection at Fourth Street

Hot topics dominate Revelstoke city planning public review

The City of Revelstoke’s week-long open house at the Revelstoke Community Centre saw just over 100 residents drop in to provide comment on three city plans. The draft plans being presented for public review were:

-The Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan

-The Transportation Master Plan

-The Community Energy and Emissions Plan

City contract planner Jessica Stuart says a few specific hot topics dominated feedback on the plans. Her job now is to compile that feedback and provide the information to city council for further review in the coming weeks.

Hot Topics

The Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plans

1. Skateboard park and pump track proposal in Kovach Park. The plan calls for a renovated skatepark facility and a new bike pump track. Stuart says residents “want to see more planning done around the pump track or the skateboard park.” A key issue was the lack of a washroom, and also whether Kovach Park was the best location for the facilities.

2. Expansion of waterfront path from Centennial Park to Big Eddy Bridge. The plan generated controversy. Stuart said input was divided, but the majority opposed the plan as it is now. Opponents suggested alternatives, such as a Front Street path and new parks on existing river accesses, and pointed to past studies that flagged issues, such as erosion and riparian habitat issues. The plan as-is could run upwards of $5 million. The need for more studies was also raised.

3. Bicycle trails and bike lanes. Stuart said comments panned the idea of putting a designated bike lane on Victoria Road, with some saying it wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t the best location, or that it isn’t a priority now.

The Transportation Master Plan

1. Roundabouts plan at Victoria/4th/Townley. Stuart said input was split between those in favour and those opposed to a figure-8 roundabout plan for the troubled intersection. Those opposed cited issues with snow and trucks, while others, including the consultants, said they wouldn’t be issues.

2. Sidewalks on Nichol Road and Airport Way. Plans for new sidewalks on the school routes are listed as ‘high’ priority now. Residents and school advisory group participants want it bumped up to an ‘immediate’ priority.

3. Roundabout at Wright Street and Victoria Road. This proposal also divided those providing comment. The idea is to put a roundabout in the intersection out front of the Nomad Restaurant, and also put a divider on Victoria Road at the highway. The idea is to alleviate congestion and conflict on Victoria Road at the intersection between the fast food restaurants and gas bars on either side.

4. Mackenzie Crossing closure. The Times Review first reported on plans to close the rail crossing across from Grizzly Plaza in October of 2010, right after the draft plan was released. Consultants wanted to close the crossing and route traffic through other existing routes to Clearview Heights. Stuart said comments were overwhelmingly against the plan.

The Community Energy and Emissions Plan

Stuart said there wasn’t much input on the draft of the emissions plan. She said this was likely due to the fact that the plan was much newer than the other two, and residents have had less time to digest it.

Disclosure: Aaron Orlando is an active member of the Columbia Valley Skateboard Association, a group working to create a new skatepark facility in Revelstoke.